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    What Movie did you love, but

    Didn’t love but thought was good... Requiem for a Dream
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    Gender neutral bathrooms at WDW, specifically MK?

    Oh just saw they are also for family. Really I think a restroom is a restroom when you gotta go. I’m female and have no problem using a men’s restroom. Especially when there’s a line for the ladie’s and the men’s is empty.
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    Gender neutral bathrooms at WDW, specifically MK?

    I don’t understand. Wouldn’t one just use the restroom of the gender they identify with? There are stalls with doors for privacy. And for the ones that don’t “pick a side”, they feel comfortable using the handicapped restrooms that would prevent the people they were intended for from using it? I...
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    Looking for a new dessert..

    Oh. I just thought maybe hummingbird cake. Or shortbread cookies. The caramel butter bars mentioned previously sound good to. I haven’t made them but this recipe looks similar to the first and only butter bars I ever had whilst at a tea room. And I want more...
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    Looking for a new dessert..

    It’s pretty indulgent. But not too rich to eat more than a couple bites. Another recipe I’ve tried that is perfect for brunch is blueberry scones with lemon glaze. So good! You could half the glaze per the comments and make to taste...
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    Looking for a new dessert..

    I was going to suggest lemon blueberry cake when I read the title. It’s actually a subtle lemon flavor. But I like the peach cobbler idea. I have a written recipe somewhere to make it from scratch with fresh peaches. Usually I...
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    How old were you when you learned you truly were getting old?

    Well at 33 I realize I’m not invincibly young anymore. I developed chronic health issues after having my children and I never worried much about that before. Don’t they say you feel old when you start falling apart? I need to actually work to stay in shape. I started using beauty products for...
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    What do you do with your VHS Disney videos ?

    They got moldy in a damp basement. Gave the salvaged ones to my nephew around 12 years ago.
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    Countdown to the end of the school year!

    19 school days left here! ETA: Our school career has just begun, though. My oldest moves on from kindergarten. And my youngest won’t start for 2 more years!
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    Housewarming Party Etiquette.........who hosts it?

    I don’t know much about housewarmings. Maybe she just likes an excuse to throw a party and celebrate. I’m sure she’d have to coordinate with the home owners. If they don’t mind someone else organizing and PAYING for a party on their behalf, run with it.
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    New Designated Smoking Area Question

    And the MK one could have been just a bit more down past the busses by the beach?
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    New Designated Smoking Area Question

    My first thought for AK was why couldn’t they put it across from there on the other side? I didn’t like the idea of them being at all the entrances to the park. We’ll see how this works out.
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    New Designated Smoking Area Question
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    Top 3 songs that hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?

    elo - mr blue sky (reminds me of my uncle. Rip. Blasting it in the garage. Now also groot comes to mind) Can’t take my eyes off you (watched a rented vhs tape of 10 things I hate about you 8 times within a couple days as a teen. Wedding song) Rihanna - we found love (looking for fun songs for...
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    Walmart Kills Savings Catcher Effective May 14th 2019

    Lol. I googled this last night and saw the challenge was a thing! They can legally detain a suspected shoplifter but the accused could sue for false imprisonment. Crazy. Also, I didn’t think you were mean. :) Just had no clue receipt check could be denied.
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    Walmart Kills Savings Catcher Effective May 14th 2019

    Yeah. That’s cool. I just never thought about it. Novel idea to me. And admittedly I have no idea what Walmart pay is, which plays a big part in this scenario and it makes more sense why you’d decline. :)
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    Walmart Kills Savings Catcher Effective May 14th 2019

    What? I never thought to deny anyone the 10 seconds it takes for them to glance at my receipt. It’s annoying, but they’re just trying to do their job.
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    "Go Find a Table and I'll wait in line"

    ABC commissary was the worst. The only place we couldn’t find a table during our August trip and it wasn’t even in the plans. I figured I’d take my baby and toddler to start looking for a table while my husband ordered cause it might take that long. After I circled the dining room a couple...
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    Spinoff: Uncommon Names

    Vida pronounced V-eye-da


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