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  1. absolut_mandy

    Timing question - PC to MCO

    Thanks so much! One less thing to worry about :)
  2. absolut_mandy

    Timing question - PC to MCO

    Hi Folks, Just wondering about the timing of the magical express buses from Port Canaveral to MCO. The flight I am looking to book leaves MCO at 1:30pm. It is a domestic flight. I am unsure about the travel time between the port and MCO. Should we have any problems with this timing? Thanks...
  3. absolut_mandy

    Looking for an updated design from a previous Disigner

    Hi Rachel, I tried to follow what Marne had completed before for you. I've pm-ed the link to my Flickr. Mandy:goodvibes
  4. absolut_mandy

    Name Fills Please???????

    I've pm-ed you with the link to my Flickr. Let me know if you have any trouble with viewing them. Mandy:goodvibes
  5. absolut_mandy

    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    Hi folks! My family and I are heading down to see the Mouse in September. We are going to book a package through WDW website and will have 5 day PH tickets. While the family heads off on the cruise, I will be staying for one extra park day. Is it easy enough to upgrade my ticket to a 6 day PH...
  6. absolut_mandy

    AoA LM Room location request

    Hi Folks, It is our first time staying at AoA this February and we are pretty nervous about the distance from the transportation (especially after a long day in the parks!) to the LM rooms. I have seen the map of AoA so it looks like we would prefer a room in Building 7. We are ground floor...
  7. absolut_mandy

    Scooter falls off monorail ramp

    Something like this happened to us on our trip last month. We were in a monorail car that had 2 scooters in it. When we pulled into the station, the doors opened and we began to get ready to leave the car, right then we heard a huge bang. The scooter in the other side of the car had backed up...
  8. absolut_mandy

    Concerns about new resorts

    We just got back from a quick trip to WDW and it included one night at CS. It was our first time at the resort and we found that there was good and bad things about it. The new rooms are amazing! There are so many things that Disney thought about when making them (no carpeting, lots of outlets...
  9. absolut_mandy

    Yak and Yeti Table Service

    This is one of our favourite places to eat when we are at WDW. The portions are very big so every time we go, we share an appy, main and the won tons :) Just a tip. We always ask for a table upstairs at the windows. We find the room less chaotic and we love to people watch. You might have...
  10. absolut_mandy

    April 2018 Check-In

    My sister and I will be there April 20-26. We are WDW vets. We are going to having our own California Adventure with our first Disneyland trip, our first Dapper Day, Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour and hopefully seeing Paint the Nite. Then we are headed to San Diego for a 5night cruise on the...
  11. absolut_mandy

    Presidents week and Disney Princess Marathon

    We didn’t go in February but we did go during the races in January. We stayed in POFQ and it is very close to the starting line so we were woken up with fireworks/cannon sounds starting at 4am. I don’t know if this will affect you but just wanted to let you know. As for it being busy, I think...
  12. absolut_mandy

    April 29th, 2018 5-Night Baja from San Diego (Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas)

    Hi folks! After dealing with the polar vortex for the last couple of days, we decided to book our cruise. My sister and I are planning a grand California trip with Dapper Days at Disneyland and then a Disney cruise. We have been on the Dream before but this will be our first Wonder cruise! We...
  13. absolut_mandy

    tinkerbelle gift letter

    Here are a couple from me :) Mandy
  14. absolut_mandy

    Survivor 34: Game Changers

    I totally agree! If you go back a few pages, you can see I said that I didn't like Sandra (when she orchestrated Malcolm's exit) but the way she played them all last night at Tribal had our house thinking that Sandra is one of the best. Can't wait for the tribe switch up and see what fun that...
  15. absolut_mandy

    Survivor 34: Game Changers

    just chiming in to say that I am totally bummed about last night too. My favourite boys (Malcolm, JT, Ozzie) don't seem to be cutthroat enough for this new game of Survivor. I've never been a huge fan of Culpepper but he seems like the only guy that is scheming enough to win (just as long as...
  16. absolut_mandy

    Survivor 34: Game Changers

    I'm in for the league and for being super excited for tonight! Mandy:goodvibes
  17. absolut_mandy

    Hurricane Matthew Closes WDW - Reopens Saturday, October 8th

    We were told that Cape May is honouring reservations so you will be fine. Have a great dinner!
  18. absolut_mandy

    Hurricane Matthew Closes WDW - Reopens Saturday, October 8th

    We are at the Beach Club and have a reservation for Sanaa tonight. We have made 2 trips to the front desk and we were assured from Disney "back room operations" that if we have a reservation, it will be honoured. We are going to give it a try so cross your fingers for us.
  19. absolut_mandy

    Morimoto - Lunch - DDP credits?

    Hi everyone, We have changed our reservation from dinner to lunch for Morimoto's in DTD. I see by the Disney website (and the Dis forum) that we will be able to use credits for lunch. Does anyone know what we will be able to order for lunch with our credits and what we will have to pay OOP...


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