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  1. JennyWren

    New Menu @ Whispering Canyon

    What is the price for the dinner skillets?
  2. JennyWren

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    Thank you! I am sure we will have a great time.
  3. JennyWren

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    In my case, my fiance has mobility issues and will require an ECV on our upcoming trip. There will be a total of three of us, myself, my fiance who will need the ECV and my autistic son who is non-verbal and has epilepsy...what would you suggest we do? It takes both of us to control the...
  4. JennyWren

    *** January 2019 Thread ***

    Our trip has been rescheduled for April 2019...:sad2:
  5. JennyWren

    if you could live with three celebrities , who would they be?

    Tom Selleck Tom Silvia Kevin Kline
  6. JennyWren

    What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of ?

    I suspect that my children are gaslighting me...
  7. JennyWren

    Disney to scrap plans for 5th gate, new DVC, Star Wars Land...

    I ask myself this every time I log on to the website/mobile site/ hard could it be to hire a competent IT company to manage everything. :confused3
  8. JennyWren

    Caring for Giants tour

    I really want to book this for my DS, who LOVES elephants. He is autistic with OCD, Tourette's and epilepsy, so he can be a bit much for some people--do you think he would be too disruptive for the tour?
  9. JennyWren

    Talk to me about the House of Blues Gospel Brunch

    Considering this for our January trip...but I am not finding any recent reviews...:confused3
  10. JennyWren

    *** January 2019 Thread ***

    Okay, so I have rationalized to myself that it only makes sense to add a couple more days to our vacation for sanity's sake. :rolleyes1 The original plan had us flying out of Pittsburgh at 5:50a on Monday and leaving Orlando at 9:55p on Friday...this is where the rationalization comes in...the...
  11. JennyWren

    Financial Responsibility is Overrated! ~ A May 2018 PTR

    I have yet to complete any of the reports that I start...I mean well and all that jazz, but adulting gets in the way...I'm going to try again for my January 2019 trip, so one never knows...
  12. JennyWren

    What single item/article do you always take to the parks?

    I always pack a couple of lids (from deli containers, etc...) that I cut a small X in the middle of. Slide these on the sticks of Mickey bars and popsicles to catch the saves lots of sticky hands and stained clothes.
  13. JennyWren

    All-Star Resort Refurb Schedule

    We are booked January 28-February 1 in a standard room...I would think by then whatever room we get should be refurbed? Can anyone provide a picture of the newly refurbished rooms?
  14. JennyWren

    Best Quick Service for a Foodie

    My daughter and I were just discussing this, it seems like a pretty easy thing to replicate.
  15. JennyWren

    *** January 2019 Thread ***

    I'm considering doing all QS, but I worry about finding places that aren't too crowded or loud and we definitely need to sit to eat--my DS is autistic, as well as having epilepsy and a few other condition and I find that we do better if we eat some place quiet and he can take his time...are...
  16. JennyWren

    *** January 2019 Thread ***

    Okay, I broke the news of the upcoming trip to my DF and he was surprisingly good with it...his exact words were 'Just tell me when and how much...' :goodvibes I can't do my ADRs until Aug. 2....I'm not sure how many--if any--I should do. I want this to be more laid back and budget friendly...
  17. JennyWren

    Legend of the Three Caballeros

    Oh, son LOVES the Three Caballeros...:scared: This could be a new obsession if he finds it.
  18. JennyWren

    Best Quick Service for a Foodie

    Following...the next trip we will be foodies on a budget popcorn::


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