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  1. kiford

    What is the scoop on XMas Eve in Magic Kingdom?

    We were there that day last year. We drove to Epcot from BC and parked there then took the monorail to MK. It wasn't really early morning but I recall that my friend and I went to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches from the Starbucks on Main Street while the guys went up to the second floor...
  2. kiford

    How long does ME take?

    When we went in Feb (staying at WL) we were routed to line 4 at DME. In May, when we stayed at CR, we were routed to line 4. I even mentioned to DH at the time that they must have changed the routes. I don't know if it's time of year or if it's just randomly changed, or based on actual bookings...
  3. kiford

    How long does ME take?

    We've stopped at CBR once before going to WL and once before going to CR; neither went to the Epcot resorts. You never know what the route will be. It's an adventure!
  4. kiford

    Talk me out of it...POFQ to Poly

    We are working our way through all of the Deluxes but after visiting Poly several times we've decided not to stay there at all. I find it has too much of a 1970's motel vibe, a disorganized layout, a too-small pool and I think it's substantially overpriced when I look at what I can get at GF or...
  5. kiford

    Does anyone use an app called Lines?

    I find Lines to be far more accurate than Disney, especially in the evenings when Disney may be overestimating times due to attempts to reduce line ups just before closing. Touring Plans has no vested interest in managing the crowds. Lines also gives you the posted time and the estimated times...
  6. kiford

    Disney Transportation to Port Canaveral

    I recall when we booked our very first cruise in 2000 you could book land and sea packages. Your cabin category and hotel category were linked (i.e., Deluxe resorts were booked in cat 5 and better, Moderate cat something to cat 6, etc.) and they picked you up regardless of where you were...
  7. kiford

    We've never done an additional cost event - what's your #1 recommendation?

    We've done Keys to the Kingdom (MK), Wild Africa Trek (AK) and DestiNations World Showcase (Epcot) tours. All were really well done, we thoroughly enjoyed them and learned lots. They're not inexpensive but a worthwhile use of time and money IMO. Even after having been so many times, we still...
  8. kiford

    Unique things to do as a Disney World veteran?

    It's a guided 3-ish hour tour around the World Showcase plus some time backstage. They tell you all about how they were designed/inspired, point out a ton of details we've never seen before, and lots of information I never knew. We got to see the festival kitchens and talk to the Exec Chef...
  9. kiford

    Labor Day Week

    We are - arriving midnight-ish on Aug 30. While it's hard to know how accurate it will be with the new GE opening, Touring Plans is estimating relatively low to moderate crowd levels for all parks but HS. Here's hoping that's true as we're planning to do F&W at Epcot on Sat-Mon.
  10. kiford

    Annual travel insurance vs single trip

    Yeah - we just consider any insurance coverage on a credit card purchase as supplemental since the coverage we get is spotty, capped at low levels, and has a lot of exclusions. I would never use it as a substitute for purchasing our own.
  11. kiford

    Will DCL follow suit?

    I imagine that DCL and WDW have different price drivers. APs are going up probably in anticipation of higher attendance due to GE and other new attractions. That's different than DCL. DCL is going to be driven more by fuel costs, numbers of - and speed of - bookings, and new popular or less...
  12. kiford

    Got a Complementary room upgrade for our DCL Cruise!

    We were upgraded from a cat 5A to 4A on our first Med cruise. We had booked and selected our cat 5A so I can only assume the reason we were upgraded had to do with either consolidation of blocks of rooms for convenience of servicing, or the original room wasn't available due to maintenance, or...
  13. kiford

    Need a little BC reassurance, please

    We love the BC. We've been working our way through all of the ones we haven't stayed in before this year and it remains one of my favourites. I like the GF but I like BC way more. It's got my favourite pool, great and quick access to Epcot where we spend a lot of time, reasonably quick access to...
  14. kiford

    Laundry service on the Magic

    We always send items out, both on DCL and at WDW, if we need any laundry done. I'd rather not spend my time doing laundry on vacation and the prices are reasonable IMO. Maybe if I had to do an entire load I might feel differently but the odd item here and there I prefer to send out.
  15. kiford

    Choosing a restaurant more for the resort it's in

    I've never eaten at a restaurant solely for its location - I eat there because I want to eat the food. However, if I have a few to choose from, I might then select the one that has a location I feel I might like better or which is more convenient to where I am. But for us, the restaurant...
  16. kiford

    Does small change in travel dates = increase in travel insurance premium?

    It's usually based on what you're insuring. If you're adding new unrefundable costs, yes, it will increase. Adding a couple of weeks, possibly, since the risk of an accident, illness, or other potential incident that may lead to medical needs or trip interruption goes up (depending on what...
  17. kiford

    Back to Back question

    Whether you're doing a B2B on the same ship or a different one, you are going to be disembarking, checking in and waiting to board. They are considered independent bookings and they have to clear the accounts each time the cruise ends before they can allow someone back on. So they have to...
  18. kiford

    Transitions from Spiral Travel Booklet to New Luggage Tag Mailer

    Oh wow! I remember all of these. I remember the first one - the video on board the bus walked you through the instructions about how to fill out the paperwork. And I'd totally forgotten about the middle one. I've used a trip app for years so haven't travelled with them since the first one or...
  19. kiford

    Flavored Popcorn

    I think this is packaged only in the Werther's store. If there is a place where you can buy buckets of it, do not let me know where. This could be dangerous knowledge for my diet.


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