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  1. CuteAsMinnie

    Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar - long waits?

    We were there a few times during our May trip both early afternoon and late evening. Both times we walked right in. Mid-day is usually much more crowded. ENJOY! It's a great place!
  2. CuteAsMinnie

    Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

    Disney uses both. As of May, Captain Cooks at the Poly uses the Beyond as did Pecos Bill.I can't think offhand who uses the Impossible but the information is out there. 👍
  3. CuteAsMinnie

    Woody's Lunchbox crowds?

    It's July in Toy Story Land and pretty much the only place to grab food. You will, most likely have a challenge finding a place to sit down. Eat early (like you mentioned) and it should be doable.
  4. CuteAsMinnie

    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    Love it! We always get the house salad, half margherita/ half pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of white Sangria. Interacting with the waitstaff is an outstanding addition to the dining experience! ☺️ 🇮🇹
  5. CuteAsMinnie

    what the heck?

    All 3 are popular spots. Keep looking and something is sure to open up.😉
  6. CuteAsMinnie

    A Mess at Via Napoli

    We’ve dined at Via Napoli every trip and it never disappoints! Our May trip is no exception. Fantastic atmosphere, authentic wait staff, great food. We always do wait a bit to get seated but never are in a hurry. Try checking in a bit early next time. It helps unless your ADR is at peak dinner...
  7. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney Magic Kingdoms - Tips

    Is there a list somewhere of characters who help with event currency besides those in the current tower challenge? I can’t seem to locate them this time. Thanks!
  8. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney food you miss the most...

    OMGosh!!! The FROZEN CAPPUCCINO from (the real) Main Street Bakery! We would all get one every night before we left the park. Boy, we miss these so much. Nothing was more refreshing after a hot day in MK.❤️
  9. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Hi Folks:wave: I need to reassure myself since we've never done this before.... We are doing a grocery stop before we arrive at our beloved Poly (6 more days!!!!) and will be getting plant based milk and some fruit. Expecting our room to be not quite ready at our 10AM arrival, the CAN...
  10. CuteAsMinnie


    Both the red and white Sangria at Via Napoli are very good, also not too sweet.
  11. CuteAsMinnie

    Not just vegan but free S.O.S - HELP!

    Hence, WFPB Vegan diet
  12. CuteAsMinnie

    Not just vegan but free S.O.S - HELP!

    Hi again!! I read your post here after I responded and can add; Buffet: ask which items are Vegan. They are always happy to help. You can tell which have oil. Salt: avoid anything baked or marinades butbas WFPB, you do this already. PUSH THE WATER! REALLY drink water constantly. That will...
  13. CuteAsMinnie

    Not just vegan but free S.O.S - HELP!

    Hi, OP!!! WFPBNO friend here! What many of the posters here do not seem to know, is many who follow WFBPNO Vegan diet do so to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, IBS, inflammation and the list goes on. I'll just leave it at that. ❤️ Totally free of salt and oil is nearly impossible...
  14. CuteAsMinnie

    If your favorite resort is the Polynesian, what is your second favorite?

    Wilderness Lodge. Many stays and many happy family memories made there. BUT... we haven't stayed since their massive remodel (destruction) of the quiet pool and all the wilderness. We visited once. We were so sad. I can appreciate how original Poly lovers feel. We never stepped foot in the Poly...
  15. CuteAsMinnie

    May 2019 Car Rental Thread

    Do you need to show AP card?
  16. CuteAsMinnie

    Favorite Restaurant in Each Park???

    MK - Crystal Palace EP - Tuto Gusto AK - Tusker House HS - None Resort - Kona (breakfast)
  17. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    As of now, it is. Does anyone know if Captain Cooks has any Plant Based milk?
  18. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Anyone know if Captain Cooks has any type of Plant Based milk??? Thanks!! :)
  19. CuteAsMinnie

    Eat at Home 3!

    What a fun thread!!! Today I made spaghetti sauce. The real kind that takes 3-4 hours. LOL All the fam will be together tomorrow to watch the Masters and This is a real treat always better the next day soooo Sunday dinner: Buccantini with Mom's spaghetti sauce Homemade Italian Bread Typical...
  20. CuteAsMinnie

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Hi Everyone! Has anyone tried the new(er) Asian-style Grilled Chicken Salad offered at Captain Cooks? We will be staying at the Poly in May and will miss the wonderful salad they had last year :( I would order it w/o the chicken and I am curious of any reviews. I can't find one anywhere...


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