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  1. P&L@WDW

    Way-too-early HM Question

    We're going for our honeymoon in early 2020. We are likely going to stay at a Value resort for a few reasons: 1) Cost - we would rather spend the extra money on other experiences to make our trip special, things like dinner at V&A's, a monorail pub crawl, a spa afternoon or high tea. 2) We...
  2. P&L@WDW

    Taking Boyfriend to Disney, He's nervous its going to be boring

    My fiancé had the same concerns when I took him for his first trip 3 years ago. But we are now in the process of planning our Disneymoon! So I promise, your boyfriends mind can be changed! Some of the things that helped my fiancé was we planned a 'Drinking around the world' afternoon at...
  3. P&L@WDW

    V&A's on honeymoon?

    Thank you all for the tips, and encouragement! It sounds like calling directly is the best option. I'll be getting my fiancé up the morning in question to be calling too!
  4. P&L@WDW

    V&A's on honeymoon?

    Hi - I am VERY early to start my planning, I know, but we are planning a Disneymoon. One thing that my fiancé REALLY wants to do is the Chef's Table at V&A's. I've always wanted to dine at V&A's as well, and never had the chance. I've read a bunch of threads and seen different suggestions on...
  5. P&L@WDW

    GF/French Quarter or Yacht club for Disneymoon?

    After talking with future hubby, he's leaning more towards the entire stay at a Port Orleans, suddenly. This would give us more spending money for other things (like V&A's, etc). I've never stayed deluxe, and at twice the price per night, now I'm not sure if it'd be worth it for us. Boo on...
  6. P&L@WDW

    GF/French Quarter or Yacht club for Disneymoon?

    Good morning! Well, my hubby to be knows me well (and I converted him to a Disney lover on our last trip) - he suggested a week at Disney for our honeymoon/one year anniversary in 2020! Yes, it's a long way away, but half the fun for me is planning, so here I am! I am considering resorts - I...
  7. P&L@WDW

    "Official" 2016 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - Trick or Treat Fun

    So I'm really anxious about the fact that the night we're going (October 30) is sold out - I'm considering switching my tickets to Oct 28 (Friday) - I'm not sure how much less crowded it will be though. We are focused on M&G's, and are less worried about rides. Thoughts?
  8. P&L@WDW

    Two to Tango - First Couple's trip to WDW pre-trip report

    It's finally here! T minus 20 hours and counting. I'm not sure if anyone is even still looking at this thread, but I had to post one last update, just so I have some closure for myself, haha. We fly out in the morning. Our luggage is all packed, our carry on's are ready, and we are checked...
  9. P&L@WDW

    Dapper Day weekend

    I know precisely which dress pattern she's using! I will be at WDW for Dapper day - I tend to wear my dresses I've sewn from vintage 1950's patterns on a regular day at the park. Not sure how I'll Dapper-fy it for Dapper day.
  10. P&L@WDW

    "Official" Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2016 - Have Yourself a Very Mickey Christmas.

    It depends on the person. I've seen people wear nothing special, and I've seen people (Okay, WE are those people, but we are not alone!) wear over the top Christmassy stuff - Christmas headband's with bobble head type decorations, Christmas patterned fabric shirts/skirts, blinking light...
  11. P&L@WDW

    "Official" 2016 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - Trick or Treat Fun

    Of course. My party is one of the only ones to sell out. Ugh.
  12. P&L@WDW

    How many more days until your trip to WDW - Part 8

    8 days until we leave, 9 until we hit the parks!!!
  13. P&L@WDW

    Official 2016 MVMCP Guest List Thread

    November 10, 2 adults
  14. P&L@WDW


    I've done both, and love them for different reasons. They are very different feeling parties. My vote: Do them both! Haha.
  15. P&L@WDW

    DINOSAUR Attraction open date change?

    On Kali River Rapids, it seems like you either stay almost completely dry or you get SOAKED (not a little wet, but soaked through to the bone). I usually wear a rain poncho on the ride, because I'm always the one that gets soaked. :P Bugs Life is worth seeing, I always enjoy it, BUT it's a big...
  16. P&L@WDW

    DINOSAUR Attraction open date change?

    Mine just got cancelled too, and replaced with Primeval Whirl...nope, changing that to Kali. Sad.
  17. P&L@WDW

    Two to Tango - First Couple's trip to WDW pre-trip report

    Well, we're down to crunch time! Only 2 weeks (and one day, but who's counting? :bored:) and we'll be throwing our last minute items in our bag! I just finished ordering our groceries for pick up, and have selected our seats for our flights down and back home. We're waiting for one more...
  18. P&L@WDW

    Two to Tango - First Couple's trip to WDW pre-trip report

    Yes, I realized that a while after I made my original post; our schedule has already been updated accordingly.
  19. P&L@WDW

    "Official" 2016 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - Trick or Treat Fun

    Easy change to make - thanks for the heads up!


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