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  1. jbh275

    Booking is fun!

    Yes, it's frustrating that the rooms become available and the waitlist doesn't catch them. I do not understand why that happens, but I too watch daily when I'm waitlisting.
  2. jbh275

    Bay Lake Tower Lounge

    Good to know.
  3. jbh275

    Tipping Point for Annual Pass?

    We get one based on trips. Kind of max out the year. Go last week in Feb, June or July big trip, Fall, then the wife and I try and get back out there alone early Feb. Then take a year off, bank all points and do it again!
  4. jbh275

    Booking 1-Bedrooms vs. Studios

    This is exactly what we like. 5 nights VGF then 5 nights 1-Bed AKV. Higher point locations for studio, lower 1-Bed (AKV, SSR, OKW) but my favorite is VGF then move in AKV. We usually do the studio first, Tue-Sun then move into a lower point 1-Bed from Sun-Fri. Perfect balance and if feels...
  5. jbh275

    Fox Rent a Car from LAX- anyone rented lately?

    We usually uber it over to the FOX lot. Not worth waiting an hour forr the shuttle for a $10 Uber.
  6. jbh275

    Crowds This Week

    It will be packed tomorrow!
  7. jbh275

    Help me convince my kids to fly into SNA instead of LAX

    It's not the airport, it's the traffic! It could be a difference in 2 hours and those are stressful hours, not just hanging out.
  8. jbh275

    DVC Traveling crockpot - available!

    Just gave it a like on Facebook! Can't wait to sign it...
  9. jbh275

    Would it be crazy to go June 7-first time ever?

    You'll have a blast, make sure and post pictures!
  10. jbh275

    Riviera Annual Dues

    Too rich for my blood. I do not see RR selling anywhere near as fast as previous resorts.
  11. jbh275

    Mousesavers Anaheim Hilton Special - $99/night some nights

    Great deal, but watch the hidden fees.
  12. jbh275

    Gold Annual Pass still available for dvc owners?

    Did you have to call in, or were you able to just get this done via website?
  13. jbh275

    grocery delivery

    This is great. I'll build the list like you do. It's probably best to submit it as we are waiting for the flight. I could see getting a delay (with Southwest Airlines these days!) and arriving after our food has delivered. We're actually staying the first week at Vacation Village and then on...
  14. jbh275

    grocery delivery

    Great stuff. Off hand, how far out in advanced can I make the booking? Personally I would like to do this at least a week out. It gets so crazy that week leading up to a Disney trip!
  15. jbh275

    Parking Fees

    That's great to know. My home resort is VGC, not that I can see myself needing 3 cars for a trip!
  16. jbh275

    Parking Fees

    I thought you were only allowed 2 vehicles for free?
  17. jbh275

    grocery delivery

    I think I'll give Instacart a shot too. If we arrive at MCO 1pm. Check in at 4pm. We would like to cook a meal that first night. If I put in a 5pm delivery time, is there a window of time or are they pretty accurate on the delivery time? I'm thinking 5 gives me plenty of time to put...
  18. jbh275

    Need Advice on Expiring Points

    I really like PP. It's nice, close, well worth it for the extra night.
  19. jbh275

    Soaring tour shut out streak continues

    We are 0 for 2!
  20. jbh275

    SSR is a great DVC!

    SSR is by far the best DVC Bang for the buck.


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