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    Uber question for tomorrow morning to epcot

    What do you think the wait will be at 9:30 for Soaring?
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    Uber question for tomorrow morning to epcot

    i just realized that my hotel, the Waldorf at Bonnet Creek, has transportation to Epcot that departs at 8:35 tomorrow which seems late. I’ll be alone because my husband is attending a conference. I’m thinking about taking Uber there or a cab to arrive earlier. My thought is to arrive and head...
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    AK, where to go first

    We have no intention to ride Kali!
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    AK, where to go first

    Because we are staying off site that’s all that was available for us to select. They are all sold out now.
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    AK, where to go first

    We (two adults) will arrive at AK tomorrow probably 20 min before opening and have the following FP 9:55 Exp Everest, 1:50 Na’vi, 4:30 Kilimanjaro. We are thinking of going to FoP right before closing. My question is where should we go when entering the park to try to knock off some rides...
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    FOP timing

    My husband and I will be at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday. We don’t have a fast pass to FOP. Instead of getting to the park early and doing a mad dash I’m wondering if we could just get in line at closing time and then just wait to go on the ride. Can you still get in line for a ride right at...
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    Uber drop offs at AK and Epcot

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    Uber drop offs at AK and Epcot

    We are staying at the Waldorf at Bonnet Creek. I have a couple of questions. How long does it take to get from there to AK and Epcot? I think the busses they have won't get us to the parks early enough. If we Uber there will we be dropped off right where you enter AK and Epcot or will we...
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    Avatar strategy when FP unavailable

    Thanks for the great advice! So do you think it is better to have FP for FoP over Na'vi? I'm wondering if I should bother changing the FP's or just stick with what I have and use your advice.
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    Avatar strategy when FP unavailable

    Editing to add that I changed the Expedition Everest to 9:55 thinking maybe we'll just go to Avatar straight away right after the park opens....
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    Avatar strategy when FP unavailable

    I'm staying off site in exactly 30 days with my hubby. It's been many years since I've been to WDW and this is my first time using the online FP system and I haven't seen any of the Avatar attractions. I really want to get a FP to Avatar. I logged on this morning to find there are no Avatar...
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    Best place to buy single day tickets and a two day ticket

    I need to purchase a single day ticket during value season for AK and then another ticket (or two tickets??) that will be for two days- one value at AK and one regular season for Epcot. My husband and I are going in mid-November so he'll need just one day at the parks since he'll be working in...
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    What's happening in early December???

    I was looking to book a hotel approximately 3-7 December and the majority of hotels are full. Anyone know what's going on?
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    If you have Comcast for your landline, how do you like it?

    We're considering the using Comcast for our land line. If you have it, how do you like it? Is it reliable? How is the clarity? TIA
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    Coach Factory online - opening again tomorrow!

    can you post generally how your invitation looks? Is there a code in the link or part of your email address? Just put XXX where your email address is if it is there. Thanks! I really want to get in on one of these finally!!
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    COBRA question-- please read if you know anything about COBRA

    I resigned today and have a question about COBRA coverage. My health insurance will run through the end of February. After that I'm planning to purchase family medical insurance privately because I can get coverage for about half the price I'd have to pay under COBRA. I understand that the...
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    Tampa airport car rental, Priceline

    I'm flying into Tampa and need to rent a car. I noticed there are some agencies that have offices in the airport and some you need a shuttle. I was thinking of using Priceline to get a rental to save some money. However I'm wondering if there is any company that is particularly inconvenient...
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    RAOK- 4 FREE Ripley's tickets-- expire 6/30

    If you can use 4 free tickets to Ripley's by 6/30 let me know and I'll mail them to you. First to respond gets them.


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