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  1. greg9x

    Why hasn't Universal made a Harry Potter deluxe resort?

    I just don't think there's anything new in Fantastic Beasts to draw from, besides the beasts... and they felt like an add on in the last movie. With the new Hagrid ride, the beast angle is already taken. There's nothing like the originals introducing Hogwarts, the Express, quiddich , the dark...
  2. greg9x

    Why hasn't Universal made a Harry Potter deluxe resort?

    Eh...yes HP fandom is large...which is why the FB movies have done ok at box office. But don't think they are that great that there will be a whole lot to pull from them to add to HP World. Wands and stuff yes, but wouldn't bet on any rides from that series. I liked the original HP movies...
  3. greg9x

    Is using the early admission still necessary?

    They say some Express lines miss some of the stuff in the regular lines... You may want to hit those during early admission if want to see them.
  4. greg9x

    August weekend vs. weekday?

    Doubt will be significant... But maybe a bit once local schools go back during the week.
  5. greg9x

    A message from Volcano Bay

    A poster on Facebook forum for another group was one of the people shocked when it happened... They were told by manager at the time they weren't shocked, that it was just hot concrete. The poster argued with the manager while warning other park goers to stay clear of the area. The sanitized...
  6. greg9x

    How many days at Universal

    No one can tell you what is the right amount for you... If you've been there an have and idea what it is about, you should have an idea how much time you want. If 2 was too rushed that makes at least 3 days... if you want resort/pool time would say at least 4 days. If want some buffer time...
  7. greg9x

    Volcano Bay Cabanas

    People have money to burn... the economy has been doing well last few years (despite recent hits). But fact is, if you have money to go to Universal/Disney/Etc, you are in the upper 2% of the world.. no matter how much you spend, or how long you had to save for that vacation. Just some people...
  8. greg9x

    Another APH upgrade question

    You would keep the savings you got from Undercover and get the Universal price credited for the upgrade... just get the after tax price for Universal to estimate your upgrade amount.
  9. greg9x

    Veteran military tickets

    I just got Discovery Cove tickets through the online veterans offer... $189 for DC with dolphin swim (no other park admissions included).. showing $360 without discount for that day. has some good deals and is necessary for a lot of veterans deals... having been in the military his info...
  10. greg9x


    Been calculating myself.... basically you want to initially buy a ticket with the biggest face value discount (not the promotional tickets) that doesn't exceed the AP price...your could get a refund if higher, but seems to be hit or miss. For me looking at the 3 park/park-park tickets upgrading...
  11. greg9x

    Jedi Training - Alternate Spot

    Not sure if there is a limit on Alternate spots... but couple years ago we checked early afternoon and were able to sign up as Alternate... you have to check like 15/20 minutes before a show to see if a spot is open. We got in on second show checked.
  12. greg9x

    Is the Halloween vibe different throughout the year? MNSSHP

    Went to first party last year Aug 17th... it was HOT ! Even after the sun stopped beating down on us, the heat and humidity was oppressive. No way the temp was below upper 80's until near the end of the evening. Crowd didn't help either. Will say the candy didn't melt.
  13. greg9x

    Loews Royal Pacific Resort Universal

    If your just booking hotel, you can book that now then change if a better rate comes up.
  14. greg9x

    Walk to DHS from Yacht Club...

    Depends where you are catching it at and how fast you walk... we were at Dolphin, so it was straight shot to HS and the boat was much faster than walking... plus the boats drop you off near the gates. Especially in the hot sun, the boats were much more preferable. And we were usually lucky...
  15. greg9x

    Prioritizing evening activities for 13-year olds ... Will I regret skipping Fantasmic??

    Kind of a toss up for rides.. .MNSSHP has more going on to draw crowds so some ride waits are said, the lower tier rides are walk ons (flying carpets, under the sea, etc).. SM, BTM, PoC are variable depending on crowd flow.. but we waited ~10-15 minutes for them. Things like 7DMT are...
  16. greg9x

    Prioritizing evening activities for 13-year olds ... Will I regret skipping Fantasmic??

    Guess depends on what catches your interest... Pandora at night is nothing like the advertising photos... although guess some nights it is better than others. If your there, then yeah go check it out...but to us it wasn't worth planning around. They have to keep the lighting very dim to see...
  17. greg9x

    Elsa & Anna

    Go before the new movie comes out and Frozen interest sky rockets again.
  18. greg9x

    Prioritizing evening activities for 13-year olds ... Will I regret skipping Fantasmic??

    Never seen ROL, but from videos and reviews I would see Fantasmic over that.. Pandora at night wasn't all that...very dark walking around to kinda see some effects. Plus in August it doesn't get dark until later.. if your plan is to stand in line for a ride, then may not have much time when...
  19. greg9x

    Jurassic Park ride ... when will it be done?

    The original Jurassic water ride is still open... they are in process of building a new Jurassic coaster, unknown opening date. Think this is what confuses some people.
  20. greg9x

    Jedi Training Registration - tips from recent trip

    A lot can change before then... my Star Wars loving son did it up to 8... at 9 he decided he was too old for it.


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