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  1. Tksolomom

    FOP or Navi at RD - What to do?

    We got to the park an hour before park opening, rope dropped FOP with no wait, then NRJ with no wait. You have to get there early if you want to do both. If you are not at the front of the crowd, I would just do NRJ as FOP lines build up very quickly. We also had FP for FOP later in the day.
  2. Tksolomom

    UndercoverTourist Experiences?

    They are reputable and I had no problems linking my tickets.
  3. Tksolomom

    Would you change your trip based on updates to the Crowd Calendar?

    I would not change your trip. I would just recommend that you get there 30 minutes before rope drop. No day is not busy, and the crowd calendars could change for the new dates.
  4. Tksolomom

    50s Prime Time Cafe has an unbeatable was AWFUL.

    I am surprised. We went in December and all of our food was great as well as our server and the atmosphere. We went to sci-fi and none of us could finish our food, it just wasn’t very good, although the cars were fun. There is a lot of variability in the food at WDW, and you will always get...
  5. Tksolomom

    50's Prime Time versus Sci-Fi Showdown!

    We were the exact opposite. We liked the atmosphere of sci-fi, but the food was bleh. 50’s Prime time cafe had great food and the waitress was great. She teased us a bit, but no so much as to make anyone uncomfortable. The kids liked the old 50 TV shows too. We won’t go back to sci-fi, but PTC...
  6. Tksolomom

    Sci-Fi Dine-in is not for us!

    We went in December and I think it was one of our most disappointing meals on the trip. We had been before and my son requested to go again this time. The movies were fun, and I liked the cars and sitting apart and just relaxing. Unfortunately no one really enjoyed their meal, it wasn’t...
  7. Tksolomom

    Ohana....any better lately?

    I went for dinner in early December and the food and service was really good. They came by several times to ask us if we wanted more of anything. My son said he wanted more potstickers but was too full, so the waiter packed up some for him to go without asking. I really wasn’t expecting much...
  8. Tksolomom

    Rope dropping Na'vi River?

    We were there the first 2 weeks of December. We rope dropped FOP (we were there an hour early). We the walked straight on NRJ. You should have no problem rope dropping it.
  9. Tksolomom

    HELP! Ticket Disaster...need suggestions

    I had the same problem when I bought tickets through a Canadian travel agent because I didn’t book the hotel through them (I am a DVC member). I was lucky and managed to return them though. I won’t buy tickets not through Disney or Undercover Tourists again.
  10. Tksolomom

    ***The Official AKV Owners And Lovers Thread***. Come And Chat

    It is cooler in the mornings and the parks aren’t as busy. You can do quite a few rides, especially from 8 to 10 (depends on what time the parks open and if here is EMM for resort guests).
  11. Tksolomom

    ***The Official AKV Owners And Lovers Thread***. Come And Chat

    I think it depends on how long the days are. In the winter when AK and HS close at 8, we go from rope drop to closing, especially if we are not there for a long trip. On days where the park is open late until 11 or 12, we normally take a break. It really takes about 3 hours for a break by the...
  12. Tksolomom

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Holiday Magic

    I had mine cancelled (got an email first) but it was because Disney changed my FP time to before 4 PM. Even when I rebooked it to later it counted it as a park day. I ended up cancelling an Epcot day instead because the other days I had 7DMT, FOP and SDD fast passes that I wasn’t willing to...
  13. Tksolomom

    (Sea)Lions & Gators & Dolphins….Oh, My! A Halloween PTR/TR with a “wild” theme - Oct/Nov '18

    That is so funny. Our family always has savoury French toast with butter and salt and pepper and spices. Cinnamon, yuck.
  14. Tksolomom

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    Yes, from 7 to 10.
  15. Tksolomom

    Security Check Question

    Good question! Awake ting the answer myself.
  16. Tksolomom

    Fast pass day tomorrow [11/9], please help, I'm nervous

    I don’t tend to book FP early in the morning since the lines are not that long then and we are RD people I normally start at 11 when lines start getting longer. The exception is Epcot where I try to use the 3 as soon as possible to get another possible tier 1 FP. I booked SDD, FOP, 7DMT then...
  17. Tksolomom

    Tried and True or Something New?

    I have only been 3 times. The first time we went we stayed at POFQ and loved it. Then we bought DVC so when in DW we have stayed at Kidani at AKL(we are on the west coast so go to DL and Aulani more). I would have a tough time now staying at another resort, I love the animals from the balcony so...
  18. Tksolomom

    Do I need to get up at 4am for these?

    I’m really happy you got all the reservations you wanted! Now you just have to hope Disney doesn’t change something so you have to change your days around!
  19. Tksolomom

    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    We are doing it on a day when we are going to Discovery Cove. That park closes at 5. We are planning on being at MK by 7:30 to give us a bit of a rest. If I hadn’t booked the CP I would have had a rest day the next day, but we decided we aren’t going to go for rope drop but start at about 11.
  20. Tksolomom

    Shorter December hours

    I’m disappointed that they shortened the hours in December for my date. On Dec 13 they shortened the closing from 8 PM to 7PM and on Friday the 14 they shortened US from 8 to 6 and IOA from 8 to 7. I wish I would have known earlier as I could have rearranged my trip dates. I didn’t think they...


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