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  1. erionm

    Magic Bands

    Offsite per the original post.
  2. erionm

    Adding dining plan - different types of tickets

    With DVC, if you add a dining plan it's basically a ticketless package. The ticket requirement would apply to special offers available thru the regular Disney reservations line (or a TA). One of those special offers is "free dining" which requires a non-discounted cash room and minimum ticket...
  3. erionm

    Mobile Ordering for a group

    Mobile food ordering doesn't use your family & friends list. Whoever is making the order on their phone adds all items and then pays using the CC that's linked to the app. If you are using a Disney Dining Plan, QS meal credits and snack credits will be applied automatically for eligible items.
  4. erionm

    Mobile Ordering Question

    Yes. Mobile ordering can only be done at select Quick Service locations and it will apply meal credits or snack credits for eligible items automatically.
  5. erionm

    AP for adult children

  6. erionm

    BRV Studio Capacity with 2 year old and newborn

    BRV studios officially sleep 5 plus an infant. So, yes you would be able to book.
  7. erionm

    Split stay questions

    No problem if you select the 15th as the ticket start date.
  8. erionm

    Poly likelihood of getting connecting rooms?

    Nearly all of the studios at PVB connect to the neighboring studio. So, odds should be pretty good at getting connecting studios.
  9. erionm

    Just to make sure I understand about buying a Gold Pass with DVC...

    Under most circumstances, the expiration date for new APs is set once you actually enter a park after activation.
  10. erionm

    Just to make sure I understand about buying a Gold Pass with DVC...

    You can purchase new APs at anytime and the voucher that they will be issued on won't expire until 2030. Future promotions for extra savings on APs may have a limited activation window. Yes. If you purchase online from, it will prompt you to link them to MDE at the time of...
  11. erionm

    Do I cancel first then rebook?

    You can modify the reservation from the dashboard the member website to change to a new resort without needing to cancel the reservation. The online reservation system rolls to the next booking day at 8 am eastern.
  12. erionm

    Refurb Schedule?

    Upcoming refurbishments after SSR: 2020 – Aulani (Refresh) 2021 – Hilton Head (Full refurb) 2021 – Grand Floridian (Refresh) 2021 – Boulder Ridge (Full refurb) 2022 – Polynesian (Refresh) BCV won't see any work until 2023 (last refurb was 2016).
  13. erionm

    Gold AP any differences between Florida Resident and DVC?

    FL Resident Passes and DVC Member Passes are SEPARATE entries in the Disney Ticketing System. If you purchase a FL Resident Pass you MUST prove FL Resident status in order to activate the pass. The CM CAN'T convert a FL Resident pass to a DVC Member pass.
  14. erionm

    How to share MDE access with teen?

    The only "charging" you can do in the MDE app is mobile food ordering at select QS locations. That uses the CC attached to the app. If you didn't set her PIN for room charging during online check-in, stop by the front desk at your resort and they can assist.
  15. erionm

    If I am financed through DVC for a contract, and I need to get out, will Disney just take back the contract?

    It's very rare for DVC to purchase back a contract directly. If they did, they would offer less than what you could get by selling yourself.
  16. erionm

    Memory Maker Question

    If you purchased it online, it might already be linked. On the MDE website, click on "Tickets & Memory Maker" in the "My Plans, Reservations and Tickets" section. If MM is already linked, it would appear beneath the any linked tickets.
  17. erionm

    Stop sending me these bands!

    Apparently, the decline option is only available in the online check in process.
  18. erionm

    My Disney Experience (Add a Friend) - HELP!!!!

    Once they've created their own MDE account: go to your Family & Friends list click 'Update' for the person profile you want to connect to click 'Invite to Connect' enter the email address they used when they created their MDE account They will need to log on to their account and accept your...
  19. erionm

    Wild Africa Trek or Wanyama Safari

    The Wild Africa Trek ranges from $189 to $249 per person. The Wanyama Safari and Dinner is $209 per person.
  20. erionm

    Renting as a DVC Member

    If you are staying on points, you are exempt from the daily resort parking fee. Doesn't matter who owns those points. As for other perks & benefits, the color of your DVC Membership card will determine what you are eligible for: If it's blue, you are entitled to all discounts and perks that...


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