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    5th Park inevitable ?

    But SWGE is not a WDW exclusive land, you'll also have it in DL. Therefore, non-park lovers might prefer DL as it's located in LA, Hollywood, close to Vegas, etc. If it was WDW exclusive the crowds in general would go up A LOT, but being at both parks (and with DL having a 5 or 6 month...
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    5th Park inevitable ?

    Crowds will dissipate a little in MK with Galaxys Edge, but will come once again to the top once the Tron coaster opens. Heh. So yeah, I assume MK will keep on the top spot for many many years to come.
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    Ticket Increase coming?

    For me it's almost already there. Worse as I had to move to Europe so now the whole thing is more expensive, as salaries are not as high in Europe. So yeah, for me it is now in the Every 3 or 4 years land. At least I get Disneyland Paris in the "Every 1 or 2 years land". Lol.
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    5th Park inevitable ?

    Well, now I would agree with you on DLP if we were talking about any Disney park except Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris is the only Disney park to be truly at the risk of closure in its time and become the first big "fail" in terms of parks for the Disney family. They bought it but by doing...
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    5th Park inevitable ?

    Well, in my oppinion, they're not going to open up a 5th park in Orlando anytime soon. They are already in a full multi-million dollar investment to refresh the rest in face of the 50th anniversary celebration, and I don't think they'll continue at that rate after everything is done. And after...
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    Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Dec 2019.

    Expect crazy crowds. WDW will probably issue hard ticket events (extra pay-for events) but will probably sell-out fast. December is usually very busy; and with Galaxy's Edge opening...expect, well, crazy crowds. I would go anyway (i live in Europe so I wouldn't miss the chance if I was there).
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    NYE 30th MK Fireworks

    I haven't been but I've read and asked LOTS of places. Apparently it is a different experience. We'll be inside for the 30th fireworks, and outside from the Contemporary on the actual 31st. Both are recommended. You'll be more relaxed from outside than from inside, that's for sure!
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    Dress Code question

    I get what everyone says, but usually fashion athletics allowance on dress code events, greatly depend on the rest of the outfit. You can pull off some fashion athletics from Adidas with casual-elegant look and easily be allowed. While you can put some loafers with a too sporty look, and be...
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    Which park for a solo day?

    It all depends on your liking. I myself wouldn't choose MK for solo. I would probably go with Epcot or AK (maybe after Galaxys Edge I would choose HS). If I had just one day though, I would probably get a hopper. I know it is quite expensive to add it up, but I would get a hopper and do AK FOP...
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    Dress Code question

    Thank you all!! Yeah. I think we would be able to pull off with fashion athletics, but we won't risk it. We'll pack a couple of dressy shoes and be with it. I won't let a pair of shoes keep me worried on NYE. Lol. Thanks again all for the suggestions!!!
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    Dress Code question

    Hey all! So we're doing the Countdown to Midnight event and in the Dress Code they specify that "tennis shoes" are not permitted. Now, what does Disney refer to with "tennis shoes"? For example, urban "Adidas" or "Converse" styles count as tennis shoes or is it only the typical Nike style...
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    Hello! I'm not sure but I've been searching for this myself as we'll be there too. So HS is most likely to be up as they are showcasing JBJB and Flurry of Fun until the 6th. Hotels will start to go off by the 1st. MK will likely start to go off, but the castle will still be illuminated until...
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    PPO at MK Anyone experiences this recently?

    I agree with the fact that "expected" doesn't mean "guaranteed", if it is not stated on the event you're attending. When you book PPO breakfast, you know you're only paying for the actual breakfast at the restaurant of your choice. You know the prices and you're still making it your choice...
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    Flight of Passage queue: Worth the wait?

    FoP is the best attraction and ride. It's good enough that it was worth the 2 hour wait we did, and we don't regret it. However, if I had a FP I wouldn't spend 2 hours to see a line. The only advice I can give is: Don't miss the FoP. If you have an FP great and if you don't then do the line...
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    Is it really worth $25 a day to park at Walt Disney World?

    Remember there's no longer Free Parking. It is included with your resort parking fee, but you'll need to pay for parking at your hotel if your reservation is on or after an specific date (can't remember the exact date).
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    “Frozen Ever After Dessert Party” with Fireworks Viewing and After-Close Attraction Ride

    I read somewhere around here that historically, FEA is not featured during Christmas Week. So I would bet that it will not be available until mid January.
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    Has Maleficent returned to the Magic Kingdom Parade?

    I believe the safest bet would be after NYE, as someone said, considering the parade will go on hiatus for a week after Dec 24th it will be ideal for them to test everything out perfectly. Still, if it comes earlier then great!!
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    I SHOULD be doing the Happy Dance but ......

    Just relax. You need to RELAX. Yes, it will be crowded... so what? It's going to be great anyway! If you get anxious, just get away from the crowds, go resort hoping to see the gingerbread displays, go to the Springs or even relax at the pool. It doesn't have to fall apart if you have the will...
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    Xmas Week Hours

    I went this summer to DL and had breakfast at an Starbucks in Downtown Disney at 6 am prior to entering for 7 am EMH. When I did enter just before 7 am, all dining was closed except Starbucks which had a line that went well out to Main St. So yeah, whoever wants to have breakfast at that time...
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    Post NYE Disney Plans!

    So I thought it might be cool to see where people around here, that will be spending NYE at the resort, have decided to go? As it is a so much debated discussion (Mostly between MK and Epcot) I'll go first, I'll be having a no parks day (mainly due to crowds, as I travel with someone who gets...


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