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  1. glassslippergirl

    Is my math right?

    You got me there. My eyes were getting bigger than my tummy.
  2. glassslippergirl

    Star Wars dessert party

    The seating for Star Wars fireworks is prime when you go to the dessert party. Storm troopers visit the party, and you can visit other characters in Launch Bay. You are encouraged to get a drink before walking over to the fireworks, so you have something to drink during the show. And the...
  3. glassslippergirl

    Is my math right?

    @MrsPete, thank you for that perspective. It never occurred to me to break it down to an hourly rate, but you’re right— the difference is remarkable. And we will go back. We live just 3h away. We have been LEGOLAND passholders for the past few years, and WDW will probably just replace our...
  4. glassslippergirl

    Is my math right?

    Yes, it was the AP discount that really got DH excited. He’s hoping he can use it in Galaxy’s Edge for the light saber or build a droid (or probably both). To clarify, the tickets we currently have are FL resident tickets which are good for 6 months after first use or until some date in...
  5. glassslippergirl

    Is my math right?

    Is my math possible? Or am I missing something? We are going to spend 2+ weeks in Orlando this summer. We have 4 day FL resident park hopper plus, so that gives us 4 days in parks and 4 days in water parks. We were also out to do Villains and Hollywood Studios After Hours events and a Frozen...
  6. glassslippergirl

    Will I regret skipping Blizzard Beach?

    If the nearest "real" water park is 8 hours from your home, to visit, you would likely need to factor in the cost of a hotel along with tickets for that park. Taking that into consideration might make $275 seem more reasonable. No one can tell you how to spend your money, and especially with...
  7. glassslippergirl

    Sea World AP Question

    DS wants to visit Sesame Place at Sea World this summer. If I buy a day ticket, and we decide during the day that we want an AP, does Sea World allow us to pay the difference in park that day to upgrade (like WDW does)? Thank you.
  8. glassslippergirl

    Sea World AP Question

    DS wants to visit Sesame Place at Sea World this summer. If I buy a day ticket, and we decide during the day that we want an AP, does Sea World allow us to pay the difference in park that day to upgrade (like WDW does)? Also, any reviews of Sesame Place? Suggestions? Thanks!
  9. glassslippergirl

    Recommendations where to eat outside of Disney....

    My husband loves Tropical Mofongo. It’s a hole in the wall in the Wal-Mart shopping center right outside the park on Vineland Road.
  10. glassslippergirl

    What are the best things about Epcot?

    The sense of idealism. Every country is presented at its best in its pavillion, and-- despite different religions, cultures, languages, political views, etc-- all of the countries coexist harmonically in World Showcase. To a degree, the same can still be said about Future World and its...
  11. glassslippergirl

    Legoland newbie

    I agree with PP. Start at the back of the park and work your way to the front at least one day. We went to the passholder preview of the new land this week, but I am not sure about the best way to incorporate this into your touring— maybe head there first one of the two days. There is plenty to...
  12. glassslippergirl

    Legoland hotel vs beach resort

    We have only stayed at the Beach Retreat. It's right behind the Publix that is across the street from the park-- less than a mile. If you are driving, you get the same parking privileges as guests in the hotel, and you can use the hotel security check. With those perqs to the Beach Retreat, I...
  13. glassslippergirl

    Longest you've waited for a ride

    In the days before FP, I remember spending well over an hour for 20,000 Leagues. It was my dad’s favorite, but my was that line slow. Since FP, we waited about 90 minutes for our first ride on Star Tours 2.0 the day it opened. We waited in line for about 3 hours before the park opened that day...
  14. glassslippergirl

    Where to eat dinner in MK with a picky teen?

    I would recommend Crystal Palace because there’s enough variety for everyone to find something. I could not make LTT work for myself because the menu is so limited (I don’t like turkey), so I wouldn’t recommend for a picky eater. Plaza is another option, but it’s not my fave.
  15. glassslippergirl

    What are your Optimals??

    I'll probably add to this as ideas come to me, but here goes: Soarin, top row. Having people's feet hanging down in my field of vision spoils the illusion. SDD, toward the back. Better view of something other than the dog's head.
  16. glassslippergirl

    Where do you 55+ locals live?

    If you are looking for permanent residents as neighbors, that will be a hard find in any 55+ community in FL. Short term rentals may be restricted, but many to most of your neighbors will be snowbirds and only in town for the winter months.
  17. glassslippergirl

    Easter 2020?

    In 2018, we were there the week before Easter and found the crowds tolerable, but I read a lot of reports from the week after that it got much more crowded. That said, like PP noted, there is no telling how Galaxy’s Edge will change things. I’m also be interested in hearing how crowds during...
  18. glassslippergirl

    Opinions on my activities for this day

    You may be tight getting to Typhoon Lagoon by 11. Those character meals can be lengthy, but it’s a good ballpark estimate. Getting to the water park that much after opening, you won’t be able to get a lounge chair to put your towels on and use as “home base.” Be prepared to leave all but the...


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