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  1. Kaleidodad

    Tide Laundry Soap

    We have used the Tide pods for years, and I have noted a similar change in their smell recently, really a pretty overwhelming and unpleasant smell instead of the traditional Tide aroma. Something is definitely different about them.
  2. Kaleidodad

    Hoop Dee Doo or Storybook Dining

    We just did the Storybook dining a few weeks ago, and it was a fun experience that I'm glad we tried once, but Hoop de Doo is a truly special WDW experience and can be enjoyed again and again!
  3. Kaleidodad

    Disney+ Launches November 12th

    There was a recent essay in the Times Literary Supplement which proposed a different interpretation of the racial themes in Dumbo and specifically those crows: and
  4. Kaleidodad

    More Marvel at Disney

    Lol, OSSE is like a dog with a bone where Solo/SW box office is concerned.
  5. Kaleidodad

    Question - why is "ignore" unidirectional?

    I don't think it's necessary here, but this is more a question of functionality than "rights." Being able to tailor who can see content you contribute is a common function on social media sites and apps today. I mean sure, the OP is a button-pusher, but some posters just have to reply to...
  6. Kaleidodad

    Journey Into Imagination With Figment

    One little spark, of inspiration Is at the heart, of all creation. Right at the start, of everything that's new. One little spark, lights up for you.
  7. Kaleidodad

    Have you read the above book or not?

    yes The New York Trilogy
  8. Kaleidodad

    More Marvel at Disney

    Solo is way more the exception than the rule, though, and basically all of that "loss" can be connected to the production over-runs that came from switching directors mid-cycle, which almost certainly also contributed to its disappointing box office performance. With a smoother production, Solo...
  9. Kaleidodad

    More Marvel at Disney

    Counterpoint: Disney bought Lucasfilm six years ago today and has already recouped its $4 billion investment
  10. Kaleidodad

    Rope dropping Figment

    Swiss Family treehouse?
  11. Kaleidodad

    chip n dale character meets

    They are across the lake at Fort Wilderness for the Campfire Sing-a-Long:
  12. Kaleidodad

    Smoking ban may change our strategy

    Well that's not exactly accurate, as all that link debunked was the "clickbait web sites" which mis-stated the results of the Harvard research on the topic: Snopes actually gives it a "Mixture" verdict because the referenced Harvard study did conclude that the chemical which is associated with...
  13. Kaleidodad

    Smoking ban may change our strategy

    Harvard has been on the forefront of the "dangers of e-cigs" research:
  14. Kaleidodad

    Song of the South - Political Correctness gone crazy or actual offensive content?

    The origins of the tar baby tale in the folklore of many different cultures are actually quite inoffensive, although it has taken on a pejorative connotation simply due to its inclusion in the Uncle Remus stories and this movie.
  15. Kaleidodad

    Song of the South - Political Correctness gone crazy or actual offensive content?

    I have thought the same thing, especially with those characters still being such an integral part of WDW in Splash Mountain. Disney could easily re-claim and repurpose the legacy of those characters and their stories as, say, a celebration of diversity through the variety of Br'er (and Sis?)...
  16. Kaleidodad

    Which song lyrics have you misheard?

    Even knowing the name of this new Muse song, I just can't not hear the title lyrics ("thought contagion") the wrong way: ' I can't post here what it sounds like to me, but let's just say... it's a bad word and a bad dude. :ssst:
  17. Kaleidodad

    Favorite no-line park activities?

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
  18. Kaleidodad

    OK, I'll say it... we are too sensitive

    Which perhaps brings us back to the title of the thread. Only bad thing a statue ever did to me was this:
  19. Kaleidodad

    Measles Vaccination Check in Future?

    Have you had leukemia your whole life? Obviously there are going to be some exceptions, hence why I linked to the CDC page, but the exceptions are very limited and are mostly not applicable throughout a person's entire life. The point is obviously that everyone who can get these vaccines, should.


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