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    Stroller Recommendation for Older Child

    I believe they don't allow the ride-on stroller boards; they consider that to be "towing" and they don't allow that. there are adaptive strollers for older kids available for rent from outside vendors. we have a convaid; there is a canopy option available for the convaid but i'm not sure it...
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    Experiences with Amtrak to WDW

    I have looked into using Amtrak to get to orlando several times because its such a hassle flying with all my girls' medical supplies (plus my daughter needs oxygen when flying) but it is actually much faster to drive (14 hours driving not counting stops vs 27 hours on the train) and it is...
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    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    If you don't think you can do a whole day at animal kingdom, you can plan a date at Sanaa. Its a restaurant that serves indian-inspired food at animal kindom lodge (its part of the hotel so you don't need a park ticket) that has big windows overlooking the Savannah, so you can see the animals...
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    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    You have gotten a lot of good advice but let me add this. Manage your expectations. Dont go in with a long list of things you "have" to do, and dont try to cram everything in. Its easy to stress out when youre not getting much done and to feel like youre not getting your moneys worth. Make up...
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    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    The official cut off for das is 6 but very often they will allow more depending on circumstances. They will likely allow one extra but no way to know until you get there. But it sounds like your group may qualify for more than one das, so you can put some people on one das and the rest on another
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    On or Off site?

    The best combination for us is to stay onsite and rent a car. I know thats the most expensive option and not everyone can do it, but for us its worth the extra convenience. If we couldnt do that I would chose to stay at one of the values and use the buses
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    What rides would be possible for us? (MAW)

    Everyone who stays at gktw gets 3 day disney park hoppers, 2 days universal, and one day sea world. There are additional tickets you can get for free once you are there, both legoland and kennedy space center are included (i just called gktw to verify andvthat hasnt changed since we went. You...
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    Has anyone been turned down for a DAS

    we were turned down at universal....My daughter looks really good but her needs are really severe, so I think they just didn't believe me. universal didn't want to give us a stroller as wheelchair tag either, and I have never heard of anyone being turned down for that. But we have never had any...
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    Should I rent a scooter ? Not able to get DAS ?

    If you think DAS will help you then ask for it. I have found that the CMs in the park are generally more generous with handing out the DAS than people on this site will lead you to believe. i would definitely plan on getting a scooter either way.
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    Stroller as a wheelchair for preschooler with delay?

    This is exactly the sort of thing the stroller as wheelchair tag is good for. Just go to guest relations and request the tag. They have never questioned us why we need the tag but if they do just tell them what you wrote here. No documentation required. Just a heads up, the tag will allow you to...
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    Disclosing special needs

    He does not have to be right there with you while you explain his needs, but they will need to see him prior to issuing the pass and he will need to come up to have his picture taken. you can also write a letter explaining his needs (they can read a letter written by you although they don't read...
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    Article on ECVs (scooters) and lawsuits @ Disney

    I would think requiring a test to rent a scooter would actually open disney up to more lawsuits. grandpa passes his test, but then runs over some ladys foot and breaks it. the lady then says to disney "you certified that he was safe to drive when clearly he wasn't, so pay up." also, not sure...
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    wearing a heart monitor at the parks

    It is very different from a smart watch. It is a continuous EKG that is being recorded so a cardiologist can analyze the rhythm and wave patterns of the heart. OP you should not have any problems getting through security. if they question it just tell them what it is and you will be fine.
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    Bad luck leaving MK after fireworks.

    It was 3 years ago. Weve gone twice since then, but rented cars both times. It was so much easier. My oldest can only tolerate about 3 or 4hours at a time out and about, so losing an hour on the bus each time drastically cut back on what we can do in a day. Part of the problem was we were...
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    Bad luck leaving MK after fireworks.

    Not once during our whole trip did they call for another bus. We waited for the next bus each time, at the time i didnt even know it was an option that they could call for another bus
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    Bad luck leaving MK after fireworks.

    We found it was very common to have 3 or 4 scooters in front of us even during the day. Or the bus would come from another resort and already have 2 scooters on it. My daughters can both transfer but have to be able to sit, which is a whole other issue. We were wasting hours every dwy waiting...
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    T1D and Carb Counting

    I think part of the reason its the "go-to" is the name "disability access". people hear that and think "i'm disabled, therefore I need and/or deserve the special disability pass." I can see where a DAS would be useful for a newly diagnosed diabetic who isn't experienced at regulating their...


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