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    Thinking of going from DDP to DDPx...I'd love some feedback

    WE have big eaters in our group and we do the regular dining plan. Some of the counter service meals are huge, and I’ve done the math and it saves money for us because we choose expensive entrees at higher priced restaurants. I do have to pack breakfast stuff though for hubby and I use my snacks...
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    Anyone have Gallbladder surgery????!

    I had mine out years ago and have never had an issue with fatty foods healthy or unhealthy, so don’t worry about something that may never happen to you.
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    My Amazon Account Was Hacked! But I Stopped The Fraud and Now I'm Stuck...

    This is surprising to me. Amazon is usually so prompt and helpful with their customer service departments. My issues have always been resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. Have you tried their live chat feature? That has been a blessing when I’ve had problems.
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    Trip out west

    Any national parks or scenic attractions within a few hours of Denver?
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    Your Favourite Quick Service Restaurants?

    Are any of these air conditioned: Satuli, Tangerine or Pecos?
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    Restaurantosaurus - QS Dinner available starting Aug 18th- ADRs open June 12

    So it’s just for dinner then no lunch? I do love me a sundae bar!
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    Restaurantosaurus - QS Dinner available starting Aug 18th- ADRs open June 12

    Says table service on Disney site so does that mean it's not a QS credit? I'm confused - is this a new restaurant or just remodel of the old one?
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    Prime Time and Dine in on same day?

    Some of the counter meals are just as big and filling as some table restaurants so only you can know you family's eating habits. I never skip a meal but that's just me lol.
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    Trip out west

    This trip sounds great - how far were the national parks from Rapid City? I'd like to get a rental as home base then do day trips for the week and your agenda sounds perfect!
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    Trip out west

    What is a good airport to fly into to be able to stay in one city for a week and take day trips to see the sights? I don't want to spend hours driving in a car all week. We've done the Grand Canyon and Vegas and they were great for a week stay with side trips. Any other places we could do that?
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    What time for Disney Springs lunch Reservation

    If we land at 12:20 and take Disney transportation?
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    We also did the Williamsburg/Busch Gardens trip a few years ago and loved it. We did Jamestown too and the nearby waterpark. We rented a condo on VRBO and had a great time.
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    Does anyone use those any more? All our doctors speak right into a device which transcribes everything electronically.
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    Likelihood of getting a dining res the week of?

    I have found reservations much easier the week of than at the six month mark our last trip! All the hoarders cancel their multiple reservations so they won't be charged leaving a ton of places wide open.
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    Prime Time and Dine in on same day?

    It depends on your family's appetites and eating habits. That's six hours apart so wouldn't be a problem for me, but then again I'm a big eater (though a small woman). Our family eats three good meals every day so it would work for us, but you have to go with your own individual preferences.
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    If you want closer than the Outer Banks - Bethany Beach DE is family oriented and not crowded at all.
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    Just found a 6night trip under 1000 whole trip

    Do you have the link for the discounted trip?
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    Southwest 3 day sale

    didn't even include Orlando for our airport!
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    Tusker House v Chef Mickey’s

    Our party of 8 all hated Tusker House. We are adventourus eaters however the food was just plain awful. We were there for dinner so maybe breakfast is better. Chef Mickeys was typical buffet food but we unanimously preferred it to Tusker.


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