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  1. rstevens333

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    Hope you love it! Pop is pretty great.
  2. rstevens333

    Big ride closures next year?

    It never even occurred to me the Peoplemover would have to go down. Will it be traveling through Tron somehow?
  3. rstevens333

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    Fingers crossed. I'd love to be able to use this before my AP expires in September.
  4. rstevens333

    My wife is in a panic

    The only way losing the Bears could be acceptable is if they packed up and moved the show to a dinner theater at the new Reflections / Fort Wilderness area. If you've got to jam those accursed toys into Frontierland for a show, the Diamond Horseshoe is closed half the time and could use the love.
  5. rstevens333

    My wife is in a panic

    Toy Story is a malignant infection. Country Bears forever.
  6. rstevens333

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    Seconding the AOA bus trick. You can also use this trick with Magical Express if you need to stretch after a flight. The Pop food court has Dole Whip if you can't get it in the parks. If you're in one of the outer buildings (like 90s) it is sometimes easier to walk along the edge of parking to...
  7. rstevens333

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    I drink tons of both – don't recall any coffee flavor to the water. I think you could just run it without the little tray that holds the coffee grounds. Worst case, run water through it to rinse before making your drink.
  8. rstevens333

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I have been wondering where the bathrooms are for months now! heh.
  9. rstevens333

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    I ran some water through the machine to make a cup of tea about a week ago. Worked just fine. Not sure I would call it "boiling," but it was hot.
  10. rstevens333

    More Marvel at Disney

    Huh! A Savage Land in Animal Kingdom would be really amazing. It's not actually a hero or tied to an Avenger. I wonder if it could work. If only anyone cared about Ka-Zar.
  11. rstevens333

    The Rumor Tracking Thread UPDATED 6/19/19

    It's remarkable how much a little bit of color does for Tomorrowland. Even Auntie Gravity's looks cooler.
  12. rstevens333

    More Marvel at Disney

    I know a fifth park is never happening and Marvel is off the table, but if any single franchise rated a full park with worlds separated by rainbow bridges, portals, etc...
  13. rstevens333

    bridge GF to MK

    Now I'm wondering (sadly) if part of the reason there's no bridge is that GF guests would turn their noses up at folks hoofing it over from the TTC.
  14. rstevens333

    More Marvel at Disney

    I'm that person, except Pixar is completely wasted on me. Still think they need to work some Wakandans who are not Black Panther into EPCOT. Shuri's workshop!
  15. rstevens333

    First time solo in August

    Pop rocks. (no pun intended)
  16. rstevens333

    bridge GF to MK

    Dang it, now I want a tour that includes visiting the Water Pageant floats while they're in storage.
  17. rstevens333

    bridge GF to MK

    It's always amazed me they don't have a bridge there simply to cut down on complaints from two high-end resorts during monorail outages / busy seasons. Staying at the GF and don't want to risk missing your breakfast? Just walk! I'd even understand if the path closed at dusk so they could do...
  18. rstevens333

    Moving To Florida And Visiting WDW More Often

    Any tips if someone were to try this temporarily? I'd love to sublet or rent for like 2-3 months some time. Somewhere we can work from home, decent access to a post office, not the worst possible ride into the parks. We would be two people, self-employed.


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