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  1. BradyBz12

    Facebook response from Pete Werner

    A legitimate question, please - and I'll be as careful as I can in how I word this... If someone has received a notice of an infraction resulting in points and loss of certain privileges (such as PM), how does one respond to such a message? Or is that not allowed? Thank you in advance...
  2. BradyBz12

    KFK's First TR!

  3. BradyBz12

    Let's remember why we're here

    This is my new favorite quote. :thumbsup2
  4. BradyBz12

    Please !!!!

  5. BradyBz12

    First trip to the fort and we are bringing our dog. Any suggestions?

    I dug up an oldie but goodie thread on this very topic. CHECK THIS OUT :)
  6. BradyBz12

    Kenny cart question

    All Kenny's contact info., current rates (as reported here) and reviews are in the first post of THIS THREAD
  7. BradyBz12

    Kenny cart question

    This was posted 1/23...
  8. BradyBz12

    Long Live the FIENDS!!!

    That's just awesome! :thumbsup2 A shame they don't hold onto threads that long - sounds like a doozy!
  9. BradyBz12

    RIP Ms White

    Memories...... like the corners of my mind. Misty water colored memories.....
  10. BradyBz12


    Just think... you'll take up a whole lot less spacing without lugging the clunky ol' siggy around... heck, you might even get better gas mileage!
  11. BradyBz12

    First trip to camp ground advise needed

    Hmm... I'm starting to think DH is spreading this rumor. :rolleyes1 I must have missed something, because I've never heard this before. I wonder where it's coming from? We typically stay on 300 and there are always plenty of kids about.
  12. BradyBz12

    Has anyone seen Avatar?

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winnah!!!!! :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2
  13. BradyBz12


    Fear not... the pickles are safe...
  14. BradyBz12

    Has anyone seen Avatar?

    I'm thinking they should do a sequel to Avatar that centers around love of country.... and pastries...
  15. BradyBz12

    Long Live the FIENDS!!!

    Be sure to leave a forwarding address please. ;) And you're more than welcome to use that graphic any where you want. ...yep, I said ANYwhere. I agree. This brouhaha is just preposterous. I hope the hubbub dies down soon, because it all seems just ludicrous to me. I mean seriously...
  16. BradyBz12

    Towels at pool

    Yup - how do you think I ended up here?? :dance3:
  17. BradyBz12

    Chairs on the internal bus?

    FWIW in November it seemed like there were a LOT more lounge chairs on the beach than usual. If you decide not to lug your own, I'd recommend at least bringing a towel to wipe off the dew. Kungaloosh!
  18. BradyBz12

    whats going on

    After your post Dave, I'd say you're our 5th genius! :goodvibes Couldn't say it any better. :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2 My experience exactly. Sad but true. I used to frequent the Theme Parks board - which by comparison to some others here on the DIS used to be relatively tame. But even...


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