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  1. jevs

    Another lovely day in Oklahoma. . .

    Have a very Merry and peaceful Christmas ALDIOs xx
  2. jevs

    Trick-or-Treaters Over Age 12 Can Face Arrest

    I dropped my eldest off to go Trick treating last night, they were a group of 14-16 year olds. We of course don’t do Halloween nearly as good as the US, but at least we’ve recognised that it’s a fun thing to do for all ages. I blame Disney for this law. Disney treats children as adults when...
  3. jevs

    Tap Solo Song for this Costume

    I made Spanish chicken and rice tonight, no tap dancing but i did wear a tutu while cooking.
  4. jevs

    Favorite new TV show of

    Manifest. We’re a couple of weeks behind you guys though. It is currently the only tv show that I bother to sit down to watch from beginning to end.
  5. jevs

    Kangaroo Meat For Lunch

    Kangaroo is nutritionally better than other meats, I don’t eat it as I don’t like game meats. I think the issue is that people were not informed what they were eating and I’d probably be pissed too if I found out I was eating a meat that I didn’t actually eat for religious, ethical, or other...
  6. jevs

    What one thing, would you like to teach

    Right on! You wait until the butter has melted on your toast, put a liberal spread of Vegemite on the toast. Usually cut the toast in half for adults, quarters for kids. Then you take your Vegemite toast over to the rubbish bin and throw it in. That is how we do Vegemite.
  7. jevs

    Have Stress, Will Travel

    Nope. I find the initial planning stage to increase my stress levels which is why I attempt to wing a load of stuff much to the horror of Disney devotees. Like Low key I prefer to sort out any issues before I go anywhere because I’d still be worried about them in a different environment. For...
  8. jevs

    What is your opinion on ranked choice voting?

    We use it and it can be exhausting because I always vote below the line. I’m sure last election there was something like 98 lol. It felt like I was in the booths forever.
  9. jevs

    How is everyone feeling

    Have you tried any YA fiction. I’ll tend to read my kids books when I’m overwhelmed with reading other stuff that I have to read ;)
  10. jevs

    Have you ever watched the above movie or not?

    Doesn’t sound familiar. Rabbit proof fence?
  11. jevs

    Yum! Yuck!! Never tried it!

    Yuck. Black pudding?
  12. jevs

    Have you stopped drinking soda? Or cut down?

    Yep. Cold turkey when I started dieting. It made a huge difference in terms of losing weight as well. Now, I only drink soft drinks/cordials on occasions when I’m out and about. I drink coffee (far too much) herbal teas, and water mostly.
  13. jevs

    How is everyone feeling

    Fantastic. The sun is out and the sky is blue. A perfect Spring day. Unfortunately my house is in a mess so will be spending most of the day inside bah.
  14. jevs

    Mental Health

    Incorrect. Prevalence is 1 in 5. Edit. I can’t maths today, lower, not higher.
  15. jevs

    Mental Health

    Hi Charlie, please refer to your doctor as opposed to some discussion thread on a Disney travel planning site. Domo, you didn’t cite your sources in your opening post. Were your stats UK specific or worldwide?
  16. jevs

    What would you like to learn

    Another language.
  17. jevs

    Nike stock closes at all time high.

    I think all the carry on is a whole heap of pathetic.
  18. jevs

    After 36

    Congrats Jase :dogdance:
  19. jevs

    Songs about leaving

    Remember take on me by a-ha? Here’s a new version and it is all kinds of fabulous.
  20. jevs

    S.O.: Can you function without your kids?

    Split family so yes, of course I can function without the kids.


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