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  1. MouseLover

    Herniated Cervical disc and rides

    We just got back a few days ago and DH has back problems too. I would avoid Space for sure— it us very jerky. Frozen Ever After also jarred dd & I quite a bit and we agreed her dad should avoid it. I’m not sure if that’s normal as it’s the only time we’ve been on it. Test Track also has a few...
  2. MouseLover

    your top 3 songs of the 80,s

    4. Jump - Van Halen 3. Sister Christian - Night Ranger 2. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson 1. 1999- Prince
  3. MouseLover

    Top 3 favorite TV Theme songs

    Bewitched ER Fresh Prince
  4. MouseLover

    favorite entertainment in the parks or shows

    Fantastic! Is a must for me. I also watch Festival of the Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, and all the night shows if possible.
  5. MouseLover

    Missing hiker found alive

    Amanda Eller, missing since May 8 in Hawaii, has been found alive!
  6. MouseLover

    New entrance at studios...

    Is the new entrance/exit open yet? Can you still use the old one?
  7. MouseLover

    3 best TV Series you didnt watch on regular TV but

    1. Bates Motel 2. Breaking Bad
  8. MouseLover

    DVC Fresh Bath Towels

    So how much money to request extra towels? I’ve never stayed at a dvc before. We rented a studio at okw and check in June 4.
  9. MouseLover

    Townesuites by Marriott - Flamingo Crossings

    We stayed at Springhill-Flamingo Crossings last summer and will again next month. Our rate is about $75 plus tax. We found the hotel to be clean and comfortable, convenient to parks via Western Way, and a short drive to restaurants and Walmart. Breakfast was adequate but would have enjoyed...
  10. MouseLover

    can't find cat??

    Check your cabinets. My cat always tries to dash in there when a door is open.
  11. MouseLover

    Things to do around Disneyland (that area of CA) for families?

    We enjoyed a whale watching cruise via Harbor Breeze cruises. It is located next to the Queen Mary.
  12. MouseLover

    Foods I wished they still made

    Carnation breakfast bars. They were chocolate covered, and crunchy. Similar to granola bars but not chewy.
  13. MouseLover

    Undercover tourist ticket prices

    When UT runs out of their existing supply. Usually that occurs in just a few days.
  14. MouseLover

    Fun inexpensive gifts to cheer up?

    How about a replica of a favorite childhood toy/doll/ book/ cd? My dad bought a copy of the first picture book I read as a 4yo, when I was having a hard time. It made my day!
  15. MouseLover

    Jonas Brothers 2.0

    Took my dd to their World Tour and had a great time together. She’s 22 now and so thrilled they’ve reunited. I love the new song too!
  16. MouseLover

    S/O - your first Disney Plush

    1982 Goofy plush from DL. I was 14.
  17. MouseLover

    Perfect size of retirement house

    Not sure about house size, but I would like an elevated dishwasher, so I don’t have to bend down so far.
  18. MouseLover

    Music: What are you listening to??

    Chances...Backstreet Boys.
  19. MouseLover

    Hollywood Studios Quick Service Recommendations Needed

    ABC Commissary. Rib platter for around $19 that’s big enough to share. A/C was nice too.
  20. MouseLover

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    National MCO - June 4-12. Employer code + $20 coupon code from retailmenot. Total $275, midsize. (Emerald aisle) *Edited: $295 was before coupon. Actual total= $275.


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