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  1. Cal-Pie

    What will tomorrow hold?

    I have to stop looking at wait times in the rest of the park. It is KILLING me that I'm not there.
  2. Cal-Pie

    Paying for tix online with gift card

    Once you are on the check out page, scroll down past all of the billing info for credit card payment. There is an option listed to pay with a gift card, Disney rewards, or visa checkout. They only allow one card per transaction, but you can combine cards at
  3. Cal-Pie

    GCH spa closing July 10

    Those with appointments after that date will be contacted.
  4. Cal-Pie

    DL 2020 packages?
  5. Cal-Pie

    2020 Vacation Packages

    Are you sure you booked DisneyLAND, California? I still don't see anything up yet.
  6. Cal-Pie

    Help! Is this a legit and safe option for discounted DL tickets?

    I think you're referring to their "peace of mind" insurance, which is totally optional and can be removed from your cart.
  7. Cal-Pie

    2020 Vacation Packages

    It seems to vary from year to year, but usually late July or early Aug.
  8. Cal-Pie

    Would DLH Hold Our Bags When Not Staying There?

    A one way fare is $4, a one day fare is $6, which would allow you multiple trips. Check out the ART website.
  9. Cal-Pie

    Candy Cane Inn booking help pls

  10. Cal-Pie

    Fantasmic FastPass Section Aggressiveness...One-off or Norm?

    This, exactly. I once had a lady try to weasel her way into my kids spot for Paint the Night that we'd saved for 2 hours. When I protested, she said, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I'VE SPENT TO BE HERE?!?" I said, "Yes, the same amount I spent to be here."
  11. Cal-Pie

    NYE Lodging: OC Hyatt or Grand Legacy?

    I think the op is referring to Hyatt Place, not Hyatt House.
  12. Cal-Pie

    Blue Bayou Menu Update? - Surf & Turf & Filet Mignon?

    It's always been dinner only. The people at the table next to me were adamantly (and rudely) demanding to order it at lunch recently. The chef was trying to explain that they didn't have it prepared yet, it was quite a scene.
  13. Cal-Pie

    You know how how frustrating we on Dis find people who dont get our Disney Parks Planning?

    I actually love it when people go to DL unprepared, it makes my knowledge that much more powerful. If everyone had the same knowledge that Dis'ers have, it would be of no value. If they visit once, and they don't have a good experience, they won't come back, which equals less crowds. All good in...
  14. Cal-Pie

    Blue Bayou

    I just noticed that the starters have changed on the menu. No more yummy salad with walnuts or gumbo. Crazy, I thought that the gumbo had been a staple for years?
  15. Cal-Pie

    NON SWGE Crowds?

    I don't think you can compare June to July. June will bring those who have reservations. I suspect the flood of people will come once reservations are over.
  16. Cal-Pie

    Thought I would pass along this flash sale I got a notice for at the Tropicana

    I think June will end up being one of the slowest months we've seen in years. I think most reservations went to locals, and no one without a reservation will plan a trip during that time (with the exception of a few people who had no idea SWGE was even opening this summer).
  17. Cal-Pie

    Thought I would pass along this flash sale I got a notice for at the Tropicana

    I thought I'd just tack on to this thread, I just got an email from Camelot (Trop's sister property) for rooms at $169 through June, family suites at $199.
  18. Cal-Pie

    Main Street open early on MM days for all guests?

    I would imagine, hopefully someone else can verify. I've never shown up after MM started, I've always come in with the big rush from the turnstiles right when it started.
  19. Cal-Pie

    Main Street open early on MM days for all guests?

    Typically they let all guests in 20-30 minutes early for rope drop and have CMs posted near plaza inn to let those with MM into Tomorrowland.
  20. Cal-Pie

    *** July 2019 - Check In ***

    I received this email from Grand Legacy and thought I'd share it with those of you going in July. I've never stay here, but I'd be willing to try it for 50% off. I ran some sample dates, and saw rates as low as $79. FLASH SALE! 50% OFF for the next 72 hours! This Memorial Day Weekend, Grand...


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