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  1. Disney Dreams

    Booking a DCL stateroom with points - rules question

    Hi Everyone! Let's skip beyond the "you should not use DVC points to cruise" discussion and go straight to the rule that I need clarified, please. We would like to book a cruise using points and cash. I can't remember the rule on this as we have taken a 5 year break from cruising. Can we...
  2. Disney Dreams

    The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Owners & Lovers Group - 2.0

    We are planning a one night, two day getaway at VGC. We are not going into the parks. What fun things are there to do at the hotel? Thanks! Two adults, one toddler.
  3. Disney Dreams

    Grand Californian Villas Room Request Assistance please

    Hi Everyone! We are spending one night at the GCV in a one bedroom. We would like some assistance on room requests and location. Thank you! We will have two toddlers with us. I do not think we want a ground floor, pool view for this reason. We plan on spending most of the time in the room...
  4. Disney Dreams

    Hurricane Matthew Closes WDW - Reopens Saturday, October 8th

    Thank you for sharing this. We inquired about moving our trip yesterday. United airlines was willing to do so with no fees. DVC said we would lose our points as they had no "okay" to make exception as the higher-ups did not see the case for the WDW area, only Vero Beach. I will call back now...
  5. Disney Dreams

    UPDATE: Please read. Please remind me... Animal Kingdom Villas questions

    Update at end of first post. Please read and advise. Thank you all very much! :) - Dreams
  6. Disney Dreams

    UPDATE: Please read. Please remind me... Animal Kingdom Villas questions

    Okay, given everyone's input (thank you very much!), how's this look? Near Community Hall Sunset Savanna Lower Floor Thanks again, Dreams Thanks for your input. It's appreciated. Thanks for the caution. We have stayed at Kidani before and know the animals are free-wandering. We just would...
  7. Disney Dreams

    UPDATE: Please read. Please remind me... Animal Kingdom Villas questions

    - nothing to see here, free smile for everyone! :) -
  8. Disney Dreams

    UPDATE: Please read. Please remind me... Animal Kingdom Villas questions

    Thanks, Bill & xlsm! The info I'm looking for was previously on DIS, but I found a helpful map in the google search link you offered, Bill. I appreciate it. xlsm, that's a cool tool! Thanks! For Bill, xlsm, and anyone else: So... For a request with hopes of seeing lots of giraffes at Kidani...
  9. Disney Dreams

    UPDATE: Please read. Please remind me... Animal Kingdom Villas questions

    Hi Everyone, It has been two years since we have been to AKV and I can't quite recall where it is we like to stay. I am wanting to put in a room request and cannot find the resource I am looking for here. Previously, I used an amazing map that another DIS member had posted that shows the...
  10. Disney Dreams

    Grand California Villas room assistance please

    Hi! We are staying for one night at GCVs, one bedroom. I would love a room that allows us the option of spending time relaxing and enjoying in the room. Maybe even watch WoC from the room? I am not familiar with what the various one bedroom locations / views / options are and was hoping for...
  11. Disney Dreams


    Correct. It has to be the Disney Chase Visa Credit card. Also, it was recently announced that Darth Vader will soon be replaced by Kylo Ren.
  12. Disney Dreams

    Help me with my quest for non-fried food!

    Rancho del Zocalo has a great rotisserie chicken platter with all the fixings, along with rice and beans. They also have salads. The fruit cart on Main Street is a great option. In Adventureland there's a kiosk / shop where you can get fresh fruit that is delicious. And I second Pizza...
  13. Disney Dreams

    Current info on Jedi Training sign-ups

    You do not need to show your tickets when signing up. The kids that want to participate, however, DO need to be there when signing up. So you could get fps, while DH and kids go sign up. :)
  14. Disney Dreams

    Grand Californian Hotel - tips wanted

    Thank you, everyone, for the replies and tips. I am passing all of them along. I know they appreciate it all. If anyone has any more they would like to add, please feel welcome to do so. Thanks!
  15. Disney Dreams

    Grand Californian Hotel - tips wanted

    Hi Everyone! I have friends who are going to DLR for two days. On the first day, they are not going in to the Parks. They want to hang at the hotel and enjoy. They asked me what wonderful things are there to do at the hotel that may not be obvious to a first-timer. Having never stayed there...
  16. Disney Dreams

    D23 Expo 2015 - Who's in? Roll call!

    Okay, you hit on the key that I was wondering about in my question. There is no separate line outside for Legends. So the doors open for the Gold and Silver members and if they want to go to the Legends ceremony, off they go to Hall E. Doors open for General admission and those wanting to see...
  17. Disney Dreams

    D23 Expo 2015 - Who's in? Roll call!

    Thanks for replying. I understand and agree with what you have said, but there are only 7,000 seats. Someone goes in first. Is your understanding that if you are in Hall E prior to 7am, you WILL be in the Legends Awards ceremony? Some group has to go in first as there is a limited number...
  18. Disney Dreams

    D23 Expo 2015 - Who's in? Roll call!

    This overnight lineup business is complicating things. LOL Grrr Curious if others understand things the way I do. Goal: To get in to the Legends Ceremony, Friday, 10am, Hall D23. My read on things is that the order of entry for the Hall D23 will be as follows: 1st in: Anyone who is there...
  19. Disney Dreams

    Rides to avoid while pregnant?

    Disney won't tell you that you CAN'T ride, but there are pregnancy advisories. I would avoid Star Tours (shaking, jolts), the Mountains, California Screaming , and Tower of Terror. Those are the ones that come to mind right away. - Dreams
  20. Disney Dreams

    I just can't see paying almost double to stay on site…WDW yes…DL no

    You really can't even put Hojo's and the GCH in the same sentence if you are making honest comparisons. You say that to you it's a place to sleep. That's the key, in my opinion. To many, a hotel is much more than that. When I go on vacation, a hotel is not just a place to sleep. It is part of my...


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