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  1. egritz

    Good Neighbor Hotel w/2 bedrooms

    The Disney Executive Suite at the Tropicana has 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. we LOVED the room during our october trip. There are only a couple of them though so you need to book early in order to grab one. It has a King bed with a single futon in the back bedroom and then a pull out sofa in the...
  2. egritz

    Surprise AP & Ticket Increase

    We spent $2800 Dec 2017 for our family of 4 to get Deluxe AP's w/ MaxPass. That will now cost us $3600. That is, if we planned to do it. After a huge # of trips since 2012 and twice having AP's we had already planned a different vacation for this year, but were hoping to revisit DL in a couple...
  3. egritz

    Finding Lost PhotoPass Photos?

    thank you! i have the ride photo number, it just wont load
  4. egritz

    Finding Lost PhotoPass Photos?

    Anyone know where to go (from home) to have Disney Look for lost photos? I don't really have a lost photo, just a ride photo that refuses to load into my account. The link on the website is broken
  5. egritz

    Salt and Straw

    I wasn't impressed. I want Hagaan Dazs back. They retired my favorite ice cream flavor (brownies a la mode) but I was still able to get it at the Downtown Disney Store. So. Sad. I wasn't impressed with the flavor offerings at Salt & Straw. My 4 year old just wanted chocolate ice cream and they...
  6. egritz

    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    I don't know that everyone was required to sit, but everyone WAS sitting. There was a TON of open room. Perhaps if it had been more crowded they would have asked people to stand? I know we were able to sit for our PTN parade reservations (at WCT in both April and October), but the gal sitting...
  7. egritz

    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    I got this for my husband and it wasn't even chocolate flavor! It was "vanilla" but not super sweet (really bland for Vanilla) and definitely not pepperminty at all. Had I not delivered this to him on the other side of the park I would have returned to the counter and asked if they made it right.
  8. egritz

    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    We did the parade package last Sunday afternoon at 3pm and I was glad I did *but know it was Veteran's Day on a it was a VERY busy day* I agree with the previously linked to review that there were ZERO signs directing you where to go which was annoying, but I finally found a cast...
  9. egritz

    What's in the AP Corner right now?

    Not sure how to attach an image from my phone. No character, ...just a blue background with snowflakes ...and some signs to hold. Yes there is a photopass photographer too.. You get a photoframe magnet and you can write a postcard to be sent to the troops.
  10. egritz

    Best Route to Avoid I5 Construction Traffic?

    Good point about HOV lanes. We ended up following Google which (for once) actually recommended 210.
  11. egritz

    What's in the AP Corner right now?

    Wondering if the Nov 2018 AP corner in DCA is something we should make a point to visit or not during our short trip...
  12. egritz

    Best Route to Avoid I5 Construction Traffic?

    I thought Waze just interfaced w/ Google Maps?
  13. egritz

    Best Route to Avoid I5 Construction Traffic?

    Years ago a wise member on this board recommended taking 210E to the 605S to the 91 E to the 5 as great way to save about 30 minutes of drive time by avoiding the I5 Construction. Is that still the best route? Or is something better once you get over the Grapevine? Google always tells me to...
  14. egritz

    World of Color Status Watch?

    So run the show just using fastpasses and no dining packages for a week and see if it survives...if it does, THEN release dining packages!
  15. egritz

    What is up with the website and the app?!?

    When we were there last month it was totally glitchy. It rarely worked on my husband's phone. We did find that removing the "play" app helped it work better. In October there was 1 day that the app and MP completely went down (paper fast passes too) and then when we were there, one morning it...
  16. egritz

    Is Storytellers always so hectic?

    We dined there last Thursday (Oct 18th) with a 7:10 reservation....I did not find it hectic but it took FOREVER to see Mickey. Each of the other characters visited us 2-3 times and we still hadn't seen Mickey and had been there an hour. He finally made it to our side of the room and eventually...
  17. egritz

    Disneyland app wait times aren’t working

    I had this same issue phone had no wait times...later on I could see wait times but not the current window for maxpass returns times. Luckily hubby's phone was working bc normally it is his phone that doesnt load the app correctly (same phone model and everything)
  18. egritz

    MaxPass and Disneyland App questions

    Gotcha, that makes sense, hedge your bet!
  19. egritz

    Staying on site ~vs~ off site...

    No, use the money saved to purchase MaxPass for everyone and some dining experiences with preferred viewing for parades/Fantasmic!/World of Color. That said, we have booked a Park View room at PPH for our final stay with our current AP. We will not be returning to DL for several years and my 7...
  20. egritz

    MaxPass and Disneyland App questions

    I'm curious why you make this recommendation? We always do LMT and NEVER Disney regardless of how soon the trip is because LMT is always cheaper and tickets can still be used with no extra fee even if the price at Disney has increased.


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