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  1. goofyernmost

    Why do you DIS solo?

    I wouldn't exactly call it a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. We never know what the future will deal us. I got divorced in 2000, my children were all grown up and married and raising their own families and every year, but, the last two, I have gone there solo. I don't go for a long time, (four...
  2. goofyernmost

    What is one comment that you can't forget.

    Well. you can fat shame a pregnant woman who is not fat, just pregnant, if you want I do not and I do not want that pregnant woman to feel ashamed about her body when she is creating a miracle because someone, apparently like you, think it is OK for her to feel that way. Sorry, that is not at...
  3. goofyernmost

    What is one comment that you can't forget.

    That wasn't the just of what she said was bothering her. She was acting like it was insulting to her directly that she was that big. The idea that she shouldn't have asked at all was secondary in her discussion. To which I agreed completely. Many women present in different forms. When my mother...
  4. goofyernmost

    What is one comment that you can't forget.

    Still can't. Do you have any control over the size of your babies or how you carry them. You are correct, like I said, why someone would even ask a question like that is as brain dead as one can get, but, you still shouldn't have been bothered, annoyed maybe, they were the ones stepping beyond...
  5. goofyernmost

    What is one comment that you can't forget.

    I don't usually respond on threads like this, but, honestly, I don't understand. You are big because you are pregnant. Isn't that a good thing. doesn't that mean you will likely have a big healthy baby or maybe just where you are carrying it. It certainly isn't anything to be ashamed of and I...
  6. goofyernmost

    What is the worst thing a guest has done in your home?

    Here is primarily the only horror story that I have. At one time I owned a residential care home. We took care of mentally challenged, physically challenged, elderly and some just not playing with a full deck. I got a call that one of our bathrooms had a problem. When I arrived it turned out...
  7. goofyernmost

    How many countries have you been to?

    US Canada (multiple) Bahama's Guam Vietnam Japan Iceland Portugal Spain (2) Canary Islands (part of Spain) Italy (2) France (2) UK
  8. goofyernmost

    Godparents Role

    It's old school vs. modern theology.
  9. goofyernmost

    Godparents Role

    Episcopalian is almost exactly the same exact thing as Catholicism. The words used in the service is exactly the same as the mass, except that it is don't in old English. Still, one is not a Godparent until the baptism in any christian form. The proper wording would have been "We would like you...
  10. goofyernmost

    Godparents Role

    Yes, they don't pick strangers, but, there is no need to be at the hospital for the birth. They don't become Godparents until the actual baptism and I can think of no reason why their presence is necessary. If it is for moral support, that is fine, but, shouldn't be a part of the job, so to...
  11. goofyernmost

    Godparents Role

    As well as Grandfather, I was asked to be Godfather to my youngest granddaughter. My daughter asked me in spite of my not having stepped foot in a church for 20 years, except for a funeral or two! No one asked me about it other then was I Catholic. Pretty loose requirements I guess. I spent...
  12. goofyernmost

    Why don't men wear engagement rings?

    Take it from someone that wore his ring almost constantly for 29 years, you get more opportunities wearing a ring then not. I has to do with no concern about commitment issues on both sides. But, women seemed to be drawn more toward a married man, for entertainment, then single or perceived...
  13. goofyernmost

    Beggars are getting bold!

    Years ago, I was in San Francisco. I'm talking about the late 60's and was approached every 20 feet by someone asking for money. All I did was say... You know I was about to ask you the same thing... I'm broke.
  14. goofyernmost

    Do you have to wait at the red light as described in this post?

    Legally, yes you do have to wait. It is no different then sitting at a red light at an intersection and there is no traffic coming at all. Still have to wait and you can be ticketed if you go before it turns green. If they want you to continue going they would shut off the signal completely. Or...
  15. goofyernmost

    Godparents Role

    That is correct. Godparents do no show up until the Baptism and it is as a symbolic position that promises to make sure they the child is raised in the faith if something happens to the parents. They do not get to usurp the powers of the parent. Anyone that saw the Godfather movie knows how that...
  16. goofyernmost

    Why don't men wear engagement rings?

    Yet they get to have an expensive diamond given to them. Most men are no big fans of jewelry anyway.
  17. goofyernmost

    Do you play cribbage?

    It's been years for me as well. I used to play it quite often. 40 years ago a couple we hung out with played it. And 15 years ago after my wife left, I had a girlfriend that loved playing it so I took it up again. My problem is that for some reason my brain does not retain card games of any...
  18. goofyernmost

    How to take your best friend on a Disney trip

    To me the hardest part is getting them to commit to go and then for them to follow through with it. I had a girlfriend a few years back the even made noises like she really wanted to go to WDW. It was serious enough that for Christmas I even bought her admission tickets. (That was back when you...
  19. goofyernmost

    Removing Wedding Ring?

    I got divorced and I came right of immediately after that. :) I wore it for 29 consecutive years so there was a calloused ridge all around it, but, even though I had put on weight a little soap and it slid right off. My daughter asked if she could have it a few months ago, seems strange, but...
  20. goofyernmost

    Has it really come to this? Wider toilet paper?

    It's not because butts are getting bigger, however, there has been a recorded fact that there are a lot more huge rectalians out there. That may account for the wider need. :scratchin::yes:::laughing:


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