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  1. blackpearl77

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    Another weird question - hehe - do they rooms (not the tower) have central air or the in wall AC units. I know CBR has the units. Thanks!!
  2. blackpearl77

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    I've started reading this whole thread and there's so much - so have all the rooms in the entire resort have been refurbished? So if we stay not in the towers we would have a newish room? Thanks!
  3. blackpearl77

    Monorail view at the Poly

    We were room 3216!!! It's the end room on the floor.
  4. blackpearl77

    Monorail view at the Poly

    We stayed in Aotearoa on the 3rd floor and had a great monorail view!
  5. blackpearl77

    flying one airline out and another back?

    I can't help with the cruise part - but just wanted to say hi! We always fly out of PVD and Jet Blue always has the worst times either 5:30 am or 5:30 pm! Coming back they always have good times around 2 pm. Such a pain!! So we always fly Southwest down and Jet Blue coming back. Just wanted to...
  6. blackpearl77

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    No there aren't any community sand toys - there weren't any there last month when we were there.
  7. blackpearl77

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    When the skyliner opens, will they also have buses to HS and EP? My mother told me she will not ride in a gondola so wondering if there will also be buses or will we she have to uber or minnie van it? I know we will probably not know for sure until the skyliner opens but didn't know if anyone...
  8. blackpearl77

    Disney's YACHT & BEACH CLUB RESORTS Information & Questions Updated Info on Page 1 Post 1 & 13, 14

    hahahahaha! Maybe I should ride it!!!!!! lol!!! I was just wondering if it was like those kids splash pad areas where they measure you to be under 48 inches and my son is 52 inches and might want to go on the slide but I didn't know if they would tell him to get off it!
  9. blackpearl77

    Disney's YACHT & BEACH CLUB RESORTS Information & Questions Updated Info on Page 1 Post 1 & 13, 14

    Is there a kids height limit on that small kiddie slide?
  10. blackpearl77

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    Ok thanks - that's why I was trying to figure out - if the refurbished rooms were the main Animal Kingdom Lodge. Thanks!
  11. blackpearl77

    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    Are all the rooms being renovated? I watched another video and it said Jambo House. I've never been to AKL so - what is the difference between Jambo villas and animal kingdom lodge? Are all the lodge rooms being renovated or is just the "villas"? Is Jambo house just another name for the lodge...
  12. blackpearl77

    New flooring in rooms - No carpets

    So what resorts have the hardwood floors/vinyl/laminate whatever they are made of instead of the carpets now? Thanks!
  13. blackpearl77

    Mickey bars will be in grocery stores in February

    I'm in CT too - I just found them at Big Y!
  14. blackpearl77

    What can a one year old do at the water parks?

    I've only been to Typhoon Lagoon but they have a huge toddler splash pad area - and some parts of it the water is only a couple inches!
  15. blackpearl77

    How old were your kids the first time they went to Disney?

    We took my son for his first visit when we was 2.5. My first visit was when I was 4. My husband's first visit was when he was 25!
  16. blackpearl77

    Cabana Bay Questions

    We were there this week. We bought the pool floats there. Kid size one was $7 and the adult size one was $9 but if you are a smaller adult the kid size one fit me. My husband who is 6'3" and 205 lbs floated on the kids one for a little bit and it floated him. They do sell ones with cup holders...
  17. blackpearl77

    All New CABANA BAY BEACH RESORT Thread..........

    We just got back. Stayed in the beachside tower with a volcano view. We got 3rd floor so I was worried we wouldn't have a good view but we could see the volcano perfectly. And it wasn't a long walk like people say. They power wash the walkways with an air compressor at night - I could hear that...
  18. blackpearl77

    Wizarding World Touring Plans and Details

    We were there this week. The gringotts tour without riding the ride is the express pass line. Just tell the person you don't want to ride and just want to see. The forbidden journey/hogwarts when I asked, she told me you have to wait in the regular line to see all of the castle and when you get...
  19. blackpearl77

    Closing 6 PM May 10th?

    We were there that night! It was graduation parties. As we were leaving around 5 there were hundreds of kids coming in with all the same colored shirt!


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