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  1. Captainkidd76

    Is Disneyland as magical as Disney World ?

    We took our 1st trip to Disneyland last year and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. I didn't feel as immersed as I do at WDW, but didn't feel like we were in a city. We never left property. All I can say is, if you are a fan of the Magic Kingdom, you will LOVE Disneyland Park. We avoided going so...
  2. Captainkidd76

    Primeval Whirl Closure?

    Hmm. Interesting. Hoping it will be up mid July when we're there. Fun ride to go on with the family.
  3. Captainkidd76

    Primeval Whirl Closure?

    Fastpasses are still available for early July. Why would that be if it's going to be closed for the summer?
  4. Captainkidd76

    Intermediate v Standard SUV Rental?

    True, but not all rental companies are the same. Some are at the airport, while some aren't. That's a pain. I went with Alamo because of the reviews, on site at airport, excellent reviews in Unofficial Guide, and you can skip the rental counter. Just grab your bags and head to the garage.
  5. Captainkidd76

    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    Disney says it didn't cave to outrage from fans on social media. Yeah, OK.
  6. Captainkidd76

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread Part 4

    Are the rooms in the main building Presidential? I was thinking of calling and requesting that. Any disadvantages to staying in the main building?
  7. Captainkidd76

    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    Magic Kingdom's Main Street, sans Plaza, Casey's and Confectionery, is not worth any time. Be a real shame if they did the same to Disneyland's as well.
  8. Captainkidd76

    MDE reservations not showing up

    Finally got through to someone in IT. Took a bit, but he was very helpful and resolved the issue so everything is showing up again.
  9. Captainkidd76

    MDE reservations not showing up

    Famous last words from the IT department.
  10. Captainkidd76

    MDE reservations not showing up

    Fastpasses seem to be OK so far. We have tickets for the Villains party, and that's not showing up either. Just tried calling again. Wait time is more than 20 minutes. Pretty frustrating. MDE is suppoed to make things easier, and instead is causing me more stress.
  11. Captainkidd76

    MDE reservations not showing up

    Did that right after. Same exact thing. Actually, not exactly the same. Just some glitch saying I'm not authorized to make changes. I'm just taking all our reservations via my own notes. Web support on hold time was over 30 minutes yesterday. Felt like I was trying to reach someone at Six Flags.
  12. Captainkidd76

    MDE reservations not showing up

    I noticed yesterday that we're missing about half of our dining ADR's on the app. I called to find out what the issue was, and I got the typical "It's a bug, try it tomorrow." Still not on there. Tried linking reservation and it shows the ones that are missing if I type the confirmation number...
  13. Captainkidd76

    Magic Bands for Offsite Guests

    Doing our 1st offsite stay next month. My wife bought Magic Bands a while back. I can't figure out how to link the tickets to the bands though. Can they sync them up at guest relations once inside the park?
  14. Captainkidd76

    Why are Smugglers Run wait times so low?

    According to the App, wait times have been around 15-20 minutes all week. Is this because they're limiting how many people can enter at a time?
  15. Captainkidd76

    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    FTR, it's one of less than a handful of restaurants reviewed in the Unofficial Guide that scored 100%. Maybe even the only one.
  16. Captainkidd76

    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    It's the best pizza I've ever had. Never had a bad meal there, and I'd say we've eaten there 20-25 times. Service has always been great as well.
  17. Captainkidd76

    Tusker House v Chef Mickey’s

    Tusker House. Chef Mickey's is cool because of the location, but the restaurant at Tusker House is far nicer with much better food and character interaction. Plus, it's less expensive. You're really just paying for the name at Chef Mickey's.
  18. Captainkidd76

    Polynesian Breakfast Question

    So here's a weird one. If you go to Kona Cafe for breakfast, what are your odds of getting some pineapple bread from next door at 'Ohana (if you ask nicely)?


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