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    HHI Fishing Guide

    Has anyone been out fishing with a guide on Hilton Head? Looking for recommendations. Ive always wanted to fish salt water and I am headed here middle of June.
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    Trader Sam's Crowd Levels

    I think you can get them outside, but the patio is not really Trader Sams. Id recommend always going in if you can.
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    Trader Sam's Crowd Levels

    Maybe i have the best luck ever, but I have never seen a line I always walk right in.
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    Milkshake at DHS?

    Not what you asked, but you can get a milkshake at 50's PTC without eating there
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    Magic Kingdom Oct. 22nd

    I think its kind of dumb they did this during all the nights of the Halloween party, but i get it if someone wanted to give them a huge sum of money to rent out the park they had to take it. I arrive that day and this is throwing off my plans. Any idea what corporation this is for? Better yet...
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    Reusable mugs in the parks for ice water?

    Agreed. I just got off the Magic this month and they had some paper straws that were actually fine to use. They were drastically different from paper straws i have received in the parks I hope they bring those to the parks soon.
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    Trader Sam's Crowd Levels

    We were just there a few weeks ago. Rode the monorail over from Top of world Lounge at BLT after the fireworks. When we got there, there was maybe 5 people there.
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    Dining plan resort pool bars - magic band access?

    I just stayed at Boardwalk (April 2019), yes the pool is behind a fence, but a magic band is not required to get in the pool area. Jambo house pool also behind a fence but as of my last trip there in October 2018 a magic band was not required to open gate.
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    Whispering Canyon or LTT...I'm stuck and can't decide.

    I have been to WCC 2 times in the last year October 2018 and April 2019 it was fantastic both times. Highly recommend. I got the skillet and the waiter came out and put a full table cloth around my neck as a bib. Turns out i needed it, as mid way through dinner, i knocked my knife which was...
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    DVC stay and towels

    If you call and ask for more towels the rep on the phone will often just tell you to grab them from the pool. This has been our experience more than once. This is what we do and it works perfectly.
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    375+ points for rent at Boulder Ridge @ $15 per point.

    Need 246 points. Point transfer would be best as I am a DVC member
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    Help... Transportation from Port Miami to Orlando

    We are doing this for a cruise in April. It was $4 more expensive to drop car off at the B hotel near Disney Springs that to take it all the way to the airport. In total it was about $40 for a 1 day rental. We are renting through enterprise.
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    375+ points for rent at Boulder Ridge @ $15 per point.

    Would you be open to a points transfer?
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    Beach Club and Copper Creek Points For Rent, 200 SSR Points Fot Transfer

    Well i just checked ant the studios are all gone. I am looking to book 2 studios for my sisters Family and My parents. We already have our reservations at Copper Creek because we own there. Where else do you have points.
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    555 Boulder Ridge Villa Points Available - as low as $14.50pp - October use year

    Are points still available? I am looking for a 246 points. I am a DVC member so a transfer would be best.
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    Beach Club and Copper Creek Points For Rent, 200 SSR Points Fot Transfer

    Points still available? Looking for a points Transfer.
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    Resorts full at 11 months/walking

    How far away are the standard view rooms at the boardwalk from the actual boardwalk. Why are the points so "cheap". The pool/garden view rooms dont look like they will be a problem at all to book.
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    CLOSED SSR - Transfer only -150 points 16$ pp

    New to DVC but we are coming up around 2-5 points short for two trips. What is the Min amount that can be transferred? and would you consider that?
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    Waitlist Question

    Ya I see that. I need to keep it to the 20 point room as I am going to Hilton head for a week in June. If it doesn’t happen that’s fine. If it does great.
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    Waitlist Question

    Ahhh i see this now. I did my reservations in reverse. I did the boardwalk wait-list first. So there was nothing to replace. I figured it out now.


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