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    Proposal at California Grill

    What an awesome idea. Best of luck.:cheer2:
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    California Grill - Dessert Only??

    We have 7.10pm reservations at CG on Saturday November 15th. Hoping to see the fireworks from the deck. Will it be a problem?:confused:
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    Official Disney Cake Chatter - Part IV! (2012-2016)

    Love the picture of your beautiful cake. Keep posting!:goodvibes
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    Will I regret canceling BOG dinner?

    Having been at BOG for lunch and dinner I really think that lunch is the better value meal and honestly the food at dinner was not great. I have not wanted to go back for dinner at all. I think CRT is a much better experience.:wizard:
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    One more Fast Pass Plus question...

    Just wanted to let you know you can get online at 12am et 60 days out and book your FP. I did this but all 7DMT were already gone as was A&E. So, no guarantee that you will get FPs you want, even that early.:coffee:
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    MVMCP dates, do tree and garland matter?

    I love the Christmas garlands on Main Street it gets me in the Christmas spirit. I am bummed that they wont have them at all. I am going for just the weekend of my birthday and I even bought VMXP tickets, I was really hoping for the decorations, that sucks. No tree when I am there and no...
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    Unable to get FP+ for 7DMT at 12.01am et

    I know I should just be grateful to be lucky enough to get to visit at all. It's just with the cost of getting there for such a short time I really wanted my kids to get on the ride. Thanks for the sympathy, Monday just got a little brighter. Unfortunately haven't told the kids yet, that will be...
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    Unable to get FP+ for 7DMT at 12.01am et

    I was really disappointed. I stayed up to get my kids one ride on 7DMT and when I was allowed in at 12.01am et there was no availability for my dates at all. We are only there for 3 days for my birthday and I couldn't believe everything was already gone. I didn't want A&E or anything, just the...
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    Harry Potter- Wizarding World FAQ

    I am taking my two teens and hubby to Universal for a slow weekend in November. It is supposedly slower then, but I was wondering how long it actually takes just to visit Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade? We will have early entry for Saturday and Sunday, but I am hoping to do WDW as well at night. So...
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    BOG lunch question

    I have eaten at BOG for lunch and didn't tip. It is just like any other quick service in that regard.pixiedust:
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    Is anyone getting as turned off as I am?

    I have been going to WDW since 1991 and every year since my daughter was born 1996. Over the years I have seen the prices skyrocket and the quality go down. I know things get more expensive, but the added hassle of FP+ put me over the edge. I don't want to be stuck in 1 park when with paper...
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    unused tickets and annual passes on same band

    We did the same thing last year and had the "extra" tickets taken off our magic bands. I didn't realize the band would prioritize them either, but for some reason my daughters band was really glitchy (it was during the test phase) and so the first day in the park she couldn't get through the...
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 3

    It could be that these rooms opened up as people cancelled their pre FD rooms. :flower3:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 3

    I just wanted to express my thanks for all your help Black. Whether we get what we need or not it's your kindness giving us a heads up that gives us any chance at all. You are a wonderful person and I speak for all my family when I say a heartfelt THANKYOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE AWESOME.:dance3:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    Just to update you brave folks, website server still not doing values (it crashes deliberately when you get to the pay part, but it works just fine for moderates) and the phone is still making me redial just to get a ring tone. Have to head to work will see if I can try later tonight.:wave2:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    Did get CBR (4 days, 1 room) but would have preferred 2 value rooms with upgraded plan. Server kept crashing on any value pick, just wouldn't go through, so I guess something is better than nothing. I will see if the numbers jive. Good luck everyone hope you get what you want.pixiedust:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    Just started to book online and server crashed! oopsie! Must be my magical technological powers! I'll try again in a while.:crazy2:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    No. I did all that and rechecked and reopened the website etc. It goes thorugh when you check dates, gives you the resort availability and then tells you the offer you're looking for cannot be found. It obviously has not gone live in the US yet on the website, or they think they have enough...
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    Followed the link said "sorry cannot find the offer you are looking for" when I tried to book.:sad:
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    Free Dining 2014 Discussion ~ Part 2

    I am going for my birthday for 3 days at WDW regardless and had planned to go to a value resort, so I went ahead and booked w/o FD. As so few mods or values are listed I think I might not get the 2 rooms I need for my kids and hubby. FD would be okay, but I would rather have an actual room. Good...


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