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  1. DizDragonfly

    Need to find distilled water in Japan for CPAP

    Thank you! That's very helpful!
  2. DizDragonfly

    Need to find distilled water in Japan for CPAP

    Contacting the hotels is the next step. I know from my last trip to Japan that trying to communicate through email can be a bit frustrating because of the language barrier. So, I was hoping someone on a recent adventure may have run into a solution. :) Thanks!
  3. DizDragonfly

    Need to find distilled water in Japan for CPAP

    Thanks for the bump and the compliment on my kitty. He's a love and is clearly VERY tolerant, unlike most cats. LOL
  4. DizDragonfly

    Need to find distilled water in Japan for CPAP

    Has anyone who has been on the Japan ABD noticed if there might be somewhere to purchase distilled water near the adventure hotels? The Vacationista stated that ABD is unable to arrange a supply of distilled water and suggested that it be brought from the US or it would have to be picked up...
  5. DizDragonfly

    I need some travel visa clarification... Please and Thanks so much

    Depending on how long you will be in China, you may not need to apply for the visa in advance. You may be eligible for the 144-hour China transit visa, which is issued upon arrival in China. If you will be there for more than 144 hours, you do not need to apply for a Chinese visa in person...
  6. DizDragonfly

    TDR split stay worth it?

    We did two nights at the Disneyland Hotel and two nights at the Miracosta in a Harbour View room. If the cost isn't prohibitive for you, go for it! The view of Fantasmic from our room was amazing! The move was very easy. We just packed our bags and called bell services. They moved them for...
  7. DizDragonfly

    Premier Access at Shanghai

    We purchased the entire set through the app.
  8. DizDragonfly

    Travel sim

    Yes. After my my China/Hong Kong SIM card expired and I wasn't able to top up, I used my regular US Verizon service and could get through the Great Firewall. YMMV, depending on carrier, or if conditions change, etc. However, if you are using WiFi, you can NOT get through, you MUST have a VPN...
  9. DizDragonfly

    Travel sim

    I bought that SIM card. I wasn't able to add more days. You are supposed to be able to add more days, but the website would fail when it tried to authenticate my visa cards. I tried two different cards, and both came back with errors. Buy 2 or buy one that includes more days. I think there...
  10. DizDragonfly

    Problems buying Tokyo Disney tickets online - help please!

    You could try a MasterCard or American Express.
  11. DizDragonfly

    What are they called?

    Happy to have helped. :earsgirl:
  12. DizDragonfly

    What are they called?

    Leisure Sheets. :thumbsup2
  13. DizDragonfly

    China Trip report - Adults only May 2018

    If they issued a multiple entry visa, valid for 10 years, you can enter several times over the entire ten year period. From their website: "Entries" refers to the number of times you are permitted to enter China. It can be single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry and good through the...
  14. DizDragonfly

    China Trip report - Adults only May 2018

    It's because a single entry visa is valid for 3 months and a double entry visa is valid for 6 months. The double entry visas are issued with the expectation that your second entry to China will be in 6 months or less. A multiple entry visa is yet another category. But again, just because you...
  15. DizDragonfly

    China Trip report - Adults only May 2018

    Yes, 3 months out is the soonest you want to start the process, because any further out than that, you risk the visa expiring before you can use it. You can apply for whatever type or length of visa that you want to, but what you are given is completely at the whim of the Chinese consulate...
  16. DizDragonfly

    China Trip report - Adults only May 2018

    You also have to make sure you don't apply too early, because if you end up with the most restricted visa (and this is _completely_ at the whim of the Chinese consulate), it may expire before you even leave for your trip! Some of the visas are only good for 90 days from when they are issued...
  17. DizDragonfly

    Ghibli museum

    TDR Explorer has info on his website on how to go about getting tickets. Hope it helps!
  18. DizDragonfly

    TL;DR (well...sorta) SDL Review

    Thanks for the reply! We have a VPN already (we travel quite a bit and starting using one after my husband's Amazon log on was hacked after logging in at a hotel in Vegas), but I'm hearing really good things about ExpressVPN. It's not crazy expensive, so I think we'll go ahead and get it. I'm...


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