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  1. Matty B13

    Where do the sellers come from?

    All 4 of my resale contracts were sold by their direct owners, less than 2 years into owning the contracts, I think this is pretty typical for a lot of pixie dust eyed people. Then the MF's kick in and WDW price increases hit as well.
  2. Matty B13

    Where do the sellers come from?

    Most people who buy direct have no idea what they are really buying into, and find that they really shouldn't have after a few years, so they sell.
  3. Matty B13

    Predicted DVC booking patterns - Studios & 1-bedrooms (June 2018 Update)

    I bet a lot of people "hold" rooms until they finally decide on whether to go to WDW, and right at the 31 day mark. They are probably looking for cheap flights at the last minute.
  4. Matty B13

    After new AP price increases, the direct DVC AP discount just became nearly $450 (increase of $160)

    I doubt this had anything to do with DVC direct purchases, the amount of people that buy Gold AP's as a DVC member is probably tiny compared to the FL Resident Gold AP. I think they are just trying to capatilize on the whole Star Wars craze right now while the movies are hot.
  5. Matty B13

    The DVC-Rent/Trade Forum is brutal . . . for the DVC owners

    Have rented out to 5 different people, and only 1 person was a pain to deal with, the other 4 people were very good to deal with, and even 2 of them have become "Dis-Friends" here. So, there are pros and cons to renting your points out yourself, yes it takes time, but if you don't mind...
  6. Matty B13

    TIW - Can resale members buy?

    Never hurts to call TIW and ask, and see what they say, just be honest.
  7. Matty B13

    75 direct best resort option?

    I would just buy the SSR points with the same UY, and take my chances at the 7 month mark.
  8. Matty B13

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    I think for larger families (3+ kids), DVC can make a lot of financial sense. For my family, with 3 small children, it is great to have my parents around to help with the kids, but we would need 2 regular hotel rooms. Now, we book 2 bedroom units, and the "savings" are much larger and we can...
  9. Matty B13

    DVC availability, points & value help a mom out!

    There is 26 years difference in the end dates for CCV (2068) vs BRV (2042). There are only 23 years left on the BRV lease, this might not affect your vacations, but it probably will affect your resale value if you plan (or have to) sell your points. CCV at $150/point right now isn't a bad...
  10. Matty B13

    Buying both direct and resale

    Whether you buy resale or direct is a big question, the biggest is (after you decide if DVC is even a good choice for your family) is which resort you want. The difference in cost between resale and direct is huge at certain resorts, and resale would be the definite way to buy. Some other...
  11. Matty B13

    Poly Resale Abundance - Cause for Concern?

    What I have said from day 1 that Poly DVC went on sale, is the fact that it has no 1 or 2 bedroom options, I think for a lot of families this was a huge issue. I know for our family having a place to put a sleeping child in a room separated from everyone else can make or brake a family...
  12. Matty B13

    I suspect Riviera must not be selling as well as they hoped it would

    Thanks, got promoted this week and have been slammed at work getting up to speed....... been away from Disboards to long, where are my priorities. :-)
  13. Matty B13

    I suspect Riviera must not be selling as well as they hoped it would

    Just noticed on my DVC account, in notifications, they have taken down the resale restrictions...... sneaky sneaky
  14. Matty B13

    Choosing Use Year - am I missing any factors to consider

    I think DVC will be selling a lot more guaranteed weeks from now on, at least to the people who know about the infamous 2020 reallocation debacle. Glad everything worked out for you and your family.
  15. Matty B13

    Choosing Use Year - am I missing any factors to consider

    Yeah, talk about headaches with the point system..... o_O
  16. Matty B13

    Choosing Use Year - am I missing any factors to consider

    Your guide is making a good decision for you, you want a UY that is a month or 2 before your usual stays, which with the fixed week is always set for you. I would most definitely take the October UY, this is cheap insurance in case you have to cancel your trip, that way even if your points go...
  17. Matty B13

    Those who follow airfare deals...

    True, I was mostly speaking about flights into MCO from BDL, but Frontier's flights are only on certain days and only once a day, but from my limited observations for April flights this year it did seem to drive prices down.
  18. Matty B13

    Bell Service location at VGF

    There are 2 locations for Bell Services at VGF, one is at the Main Building at the right to the check-in desks (this is where most grocery delivieries get delivered to) and the one at the Villas is located outside at the front of the building. If you can call your delivery person while in...
  19. Matty B13

    Those who follow airfare deals...

    Not sure if people knew that Frontier is now flying out of Bradley, and I think it has caused Southwest and Jetblue to keep their prices down. The Frontier Flight are very limited though.
  20. Matty B13

    Resale vs. Direct purchase first -- for first time owner?

    You should probably buy resale first, because you need to really think about the UY that you want to buy. You want to pick a UY that falls a month or 2 before your typical travel times. For my family with little kids who can only really go during February and April vacations, we like our...


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