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  1. TAKitty

    nonalcoholic drinks on ship

    I am pregnant and can't partake in the tasty alcoholic drinks on the ship. I was wondering if they had nonalcoholic drinks available and if anyone had any recommendations. I am sailing the Dream in August. Thanks!
  2. TAKitty

    Start a thread for Dream Aug 1, 2012?

    Hi! I booked this cruise a few weeks ago. I was already planning on going to WDW Aug 5-10 and this cruise fit perfectly! I purchased our airfare last week and am trying to decide if we are going to stay one night before the cruise at Disney or near the airport. It will be me and my SO...
  3. TAKitty

    Upgraded from 8A to 6A and cheaper!

    I'm going on the Dream August 1 and just checked prices today and found that I could upgrade to a balcony room for a cheaper price than my 8A room! Yea!! :thumbsup2
  4. TAKitty

    >> April 1, 2012 - Disney Dream Spring Break Frenzy! <<

    Yay! I just booked this trip for me (Tracie) and a friend of mine (Becky). I am a teacher and this is our spring break. She just loves Disney and lives in Florida. We have been friends since high school. Hi!
  5. TAKitty it possible to find grants/loans

    Most of the PhD programs I've looked at offer stipends. You get your classes for free, but you have to teach undergrad classes. If he is already at a college, they might have tuition reimbursement programs too.
  6. TAKitty

    Need Advice - AP or not to AP?

    Everyone always says that you shouldn't get an AP for room discounts, but lately the discounts do seem to be consistent. Last year they didn't even offer discounts when I went. The AP dining discounts are minimal but they can help. For me, tables in wonderland isn't really beneficial. The AP...
  7. TAKitty

    that was an upgrade?

    I laugh at this because we had a standard view at WL and were upgraded to pool view. Pool view was actually horrible. It was so loud that I would have rather had standard view.
  8. TAKitty

    Anyone willing to share shuttle launch viewing strategy?

    I would try to watch from Epcot. If it is a clear day you can see the shuttle. I went to the launch in Feb. and it took forever to get there and back. We saw the launch from the press site so we didn't have to worry about parking. With as many people as they are projecting as attending, I...
  9. TAKitty

    My kitty has a cold

    I hope this exam goes better. My kitty has had a summer cold before. He had to take some medication and it cured him. Hoping your kitty feels better soon!
  10. TAKitty

    Returning car after hours? CCC or DOlphin?

    Make sure you keep the receipt because it will list the time you dropped the car off. Not that there will be a problem, but if there ever was you'll have proof of the drop off.
  11. TAKitty

    Universal Survey asked me about Disney

    I just think this is interesting. I was at the Universal site looking for Harry Potter information and a popup box came up asking if I wanted to take a survey. I said yes and was surprised at some of the questions they asked. Was I aware that Disney and Universal were not part of the same...
  12. TAKitty

    Opinions please, about SSR

    I have stayed here twice and it is growing on me. I was in Congress Park the first time and really enjoyed the walk to DTD. The second time I was in Paddock and although the pool was closed when I was there, it was such an easy and pretty walk to the main building. I would stay here again easily.
  13. TAKitty

    Walking Plan

    We have never done a walking plan, but I think it depends on the age of the kids and their activity level. If you take them to the store and they get tired, you might have to devise a plan. I find that being too tired is usually not a walking issue but a sleep issue.
  14. TAKitty

    All Stars Music - Gray Line Pick Up Location

    My guess is that it will be outside the lobby where the cabs pick up.
  15. TAKitty

    Warning about putting things in pockets

    Does this ride have lockers outside the ride?
  16. TAKitty

    Where should we eat our last night (Epcot) ?

    I would do Coral Reef since you are doing italian the night before. Do your kids have a preference?
  17. TAKitty

    What do you have to pay out of pocket when you have the dining plan?

    We find that we spend very little outside of tips when we are on the dining plan. It is a great way to prepay for the food, but it has gotten to be too much food for us now. Have a great trip!
  18. TAKitty

    Beach Club or Boardwalk studio for one night?

    I have done both for just night. I think that the BW studio seemed bigger but it always takes me forever to find the room. I personally love BC. You really can't go wrong with either.
  19. TAKitty

    Disneyland FastPass Special

    I saw this too. WDW has too many hotels to participate in something like this. There wouldn't be any fastpasses left. lol
  20. TAKitty

    New York City on a Budget - HELP

    I recommend the grayline bus tour. It was cheap. The busses came all the time and you could hop off and on. I saw a lot that way. I also used priceline for a nice hotel on times square. In fact, I liked it so much, I'm heading back to NYC this Sun with my mom for an awards show. Also, If you...


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