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  1. AngP

    Anyone nervous to do their taxes?

    I was very nervous because I didn’t adjust witholdings last year. Ended up getting less federal but more state; as a whole got $50 more this year.
  2. AngP

    I m not at WDW- what do you do for your birthday?

    I usually get a facial or massage at a spa. Have a nice quiet lunch, then dinner with family or friends. Enjoy your day! :bday:
  3. AngP

    Disney's PORT ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER Resort Information and Questions Thread

    This past trip I did not receive a room ready text. When I landed I did receive a “your room isn’t quite ready” text. I checked in at front desk they assured me I would get a room ready text. I went to Epcot, never got a text, but I checked the app and my room # came up so I went back to the...
  4. AngP

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Spooktacular Celebration!

    Thank you! They are doing LM and Eric photo across the way. I did not see the skeleton photo this year. I did it last year. I thought I read in a post waaay back they were not doing it this year, but I could be wrong.
  5. AngP

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Spooktacular Celebration!

    The photo outside Little Mermaid is just a photo in front of the ride. I asked if he had magic shots and he said no.
  6. AngP

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Spooktacular Celebration!

    Went to the party last night and had a great time. Did not have to wait long for many things. Got there around 4:05 and went through the empty AP line because the Halloween lines were full. picked up my wristband in city hall which was empty. Went through the bypass. The rest is the timeline...
  7. AngP

    9/25 MNSSHP

    Are people still meeting up? Dressed as Minnie Red tank top, polka dot tutu, black shorts
  8. AngP

    9/25 MNSSHP

    I’ll meet up. I’ll kind of be dressed like Minnie Mouse. ::MinnieMo
  9. AngP

    Solo at Paddlefish- Seating?

    I have gone to Paddlefish solo for lunch, when it wasn’t crazy busy. They seated me outside at a nice table by the water with a huge umbrella. They did ask if I wanted the bar, indoor table, or outside.
  10. AngP

    9/25 MNSSHP

    Just got my ticket. I’ll be attending the party on the 25th! Im interested in meeting up:wave2:
  11. AngP

    MNSSHP - solo?

    I have attended alone and met up with people from this site. I had a great time alone and with other members :thumbsup2
  12. AngP

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Spooktacular Celebration!

    I did the same last year....I got adorable Nightmare Before Christmas ears from ShopKathysKreations and a tank from Nicholeswickedtops on Etsy. I received a lot of compliments and felt comfortable yet festive!:thumbsup2
  13. AngP

    Paint the Night Dining Packages

    Sorry I found the menu
  14. AngP

    Paint the Night Dining Packages

    khaz do you remember if there was a fish or vegetarian option for entrees on the menu? I do not eat meat. Thanks
  15. AngP

    Paint the Night Dining Packages

    Thank you. I like the idea of having an assigned seat and not have to fight for a spot. I wasn’t able to eat at Carthay Circle the last time I was in DCA so I may opt for this dining package.
  16. AngP

    Paint the Night Dining Packages

    I will be going the DCA in about three weeks and was looking into the dining packages at Carthay Circle and Wine Trattoria. Has anyone gone to either one of these? I know Carthay Circle has guaranteed seating near the restaurant, how were these seats and the food menu? Wine Trattoria is standing...
  17. AngP

    Disney Visa Hotel Offer for travel between July 1 and September 27

    I have a Disney Visa card but did not receive this offer. Do you call a particular number or is there a code? Thanks
  18. AngP

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    I just booked a King Preferred room for my upcoming April trip. Based on what I have read on these boards it will probably be a refurbished room in the Casitas. However, I will make my room request a week before.
  19. AngP

    When are you Going? Post Your Dates and Find A Match!!! Things to do! Peeps to Meet!

    I'll be there the 10/30-11/4. I have some set plans for things I missed on my last trip, but if you would like to meet up you can message me.


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