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  1. TheMick424

    Predicted DVC booking patterns - Studios & 1-bedrooms (June 2018 Update)

    @skier_pete and @Bing Showei - Thanks for all the hard work on this! Wondering if you could share your perspective so far on availability of 2BR dedicated vs 2BR LO? My assumption is the LO go first for obvious reasons, but wondering how the 2BR dedicated units compare to 1BR. Any insight...
  2. TheMick424

    Question about renting one-time-use points through Disney

    Thanks! I guess I'll just have to decide how much risk I'm willing to take when the time comes. I suppose there is always a waitlist for the last night too...sigh.
  3. TheMick424

    Question about renting one-time-use points through Disney

    Thanks for the advice! Is the risk between 8am and 9am just owners at the preferred resort, or other non-owners also trying to do the same thing as me? FWIW, this is for check-in starting the Sunday of the Princess Half in February. Seems like there is decent availability now, but I'm sure...
  4. TheMick424

    Should I book one reservation or 2 smaller?

    Thanks! So I just split my week long home resort reservation into two parts - 1 night under my DH as the lead and 6 nights with me as the lead. This makes me nervous just because I have never done it before. Hoping this will allow for easier modifications online if things are available at 7...
  5. TheMick424

    Should I book one reservation or 2 smaller?

    If you use different lead names, are you able to combine them in the future? (Say if you are unable to switch at 7 months) When does member services typically combine reservations?
  6. TheMick424

    Question about renting one-time-use points through Disney

    How does this work exactly? Would MS be booking the last night? I thought you would have to wait until 7 months prior to the last night to do that, but are you saying that as long as the first night is within the 7 month window, MS can extend the reservation to include the last night for which...
  7. TheMick424

    DVC Cash Rates vs AP Rates

    When booking on cash, which are typically better rates: DVC discount or AP rates? We are debating a night on cash to save on points and I'm trying to estimate how much that would run me.
  8. TheMick424

    Dimensions of single pull-down bed in studios/1BR at Riviera?

    Does anyone have the dimensions for one of the single pull-down beds at Riviera? How close are they to a twin size bed? It is hard to tell from the pictures, but they look smaller to me.
  9. TheMick424

    MK on Princess Half Marathon day (2/24) -- Morning Traffic?

    Great recap! We also went to MK that day, and the crowds were minimal. It was such a nice morning (even after sitting on the bus from the AKL for over an hour...that part was not so great). Travel times are definitely long that morning. We are debating where to stay next year if we go the...
  10. TheMick424

    More changes coming to DVC...

    PL at DVC Rental Store - posted in their FB group on April 18th
  11. TheMick424

    More changes coming to DVC...

    I think a merger is the most likely, maybe getting in on the rental market. I thought I saw A posting from one of the big rental players that the owner was retiring. Who knows...guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  12. TheMick424

    Can I still bridge my tickets to AP?

    During our last trip I wanted to upgrade my 8 day park hopper but the CM quoted me a price that she claimed was based on what I paid to UT. However when I looked at my UT receipt, I paid more than she indicated so i decided not to upgrade. I’m not sure where they are getting their info but it...
  13. TheMick424

    Riviera Model Room Tour

    I'm guessing the single person pull-down beds are similar to those at other resorts, right? Comfortable for kids, but maybe not adults? Curious what the height and weight limits are.
  14. TheMick424

    Riviera Pricing Released

    I've seen some estimates of 75% Preferred/ 25% Standard, so that sounds about right. Personally, I don't think our family needs any more points right now (unless we rented some of them to offset dues), but I would love to stay at RVA for a few nights to try it out. A girl can dream...
  15. TheMick424

    Riviera Pricing Released

    The million dollar question for sure. I fear it will skew heavily toward preferred, making the standard rooms next to impossible to reserve unless you own there. I don't have high hopes of being able to book here with my AKV points.
  16. TheMick424

    Purchased Riviera

    Out of curiosity, did they give you any sense of the breakout of the rooms between Standard and Preferred?
  17. TheMick424

    Predicted DVC booking patterns - Studios & 1-bedrooms (June 2018 Update)

    Interesting. I was expecting the 2BR to be less available than the 1BR (in general). Will be looking forward to seeing the final data.
  18. TheMick424

    WWYD? - AKV Kidani: 2BR Std vs 1BR Sav

    I tried that, and in typical fashion, they don't agree with each other, so Mom needs to make the call. haha!
  19. TheMick424

    Split stay. Fast pass booking window starts over

    Is this true now or just speculation on things to come?
  20. TheMick424

    Predicted DVC booking patterns - Studios & 1-bedrooms (June 2018 Update)

    Definitely appreciate your efforts on the 2BRs. Thank you! You say it isn't interesting, is that because the results are what you expected, or just because it is a monotonous task?


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