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  1. tlovesdis

    Black tap strategy

    We ate there on a Sunday at about 3pm two weeks ago. The line wasn't out the door, but took about 10 minutes to get through and we found a table for 6 inside. I think if you go at on off time you will be just fine!
  2. tlovesdis

    ** December 2019 Check In **

    I did.
  3. tlovesdis

    2020 Vacation Packages

    They usually come out in Aug or Sept.
  4. tlovesdis

    Indiana Jones - down again?

    For some reason, yes, it goes down a lot. We were there last week and twice it went down when we had FP.
  5. tlovesdis

    ** December 2019 Check In **

    Just got back last week and was not planning to go again for a long while, but decided to spend my 51st in DL so going Dec 6-8 for a quick weekend trip! Staying at Grand Legacy.
  6. tlovesdis

    Fried Pickles

    The fried pickles at Black Tap are wayyyyyy better than the ones at CC! And I love the ones at CC! :)
  7. tlovesdis

    Recent Harbor side entrance experiences?

    We were there June 8-11 and every morning we were there about 7:30am with no wait at all! Now that they have so many lanes open it's wonderful! Even in the afternoons/early evenings when we went back to the parks there was never a wait!
  8. tlovesdis


    Any idea how much it is to Uber/Lyft to Aulani from the airport?
  9. tlovesdis

    Hotel prices for summer keep dropping..

    I don't think it's normal! I think hotels thought that SWGE was going to bring huge crowds and because of the reservation system, it hasn't. So now they have empty rooms because people are postponing trips until they can get into SWGE without a reservation! Just my observation!
  10. tlovesdis

    June 2019 Check In

    I sure hope not!!! I am thinking (or rather really just hoping) people aren't coming until June 24th or when the second ride opens! I am headed there this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed that the crowds stay as lite as they have been!!!
  11. tlovesdis

    Booking DL hotel

    You should be able to do a room only reservation for 2020 over the phone, but not a package.
  12. tlovesdis

    June 2019 Check In

    I've stayed at CCI before and loved it and my BFF, who is meeting me there, stays there all the time, so I am excited. DI&S was ok the last time I stayed there, but nothing special. CCi feels more homey and I love that they have free breakfast! I can't wait!
  13. tlovesdis

    Purchasing Tickets

    There is no price difference. I always buy online that way I don't have to wait in line at the ticket booths! Those lines can get long. I just show my ticket on my phone at the gate and they give me a paper ticket (although I never use the paper one). It's pretty fast!
  14. tlovesdis

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    If you use a ticket to upgrade, your first day of your pass is the date you first used your ticket.
  15. tlovesdis

    Who likes the original Soarin'?

    I'm so happy this is happening during my trip!!! :)
  16. tlovesdis

    June 2019 Check In

    Not that it's super important or anything but we are now staying at the Candy Can Inn instead of DI&S!
  17. tlovesdis

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    That's funny because I heard a radio ad this morning and it said May 31st then really really quickly rattled off the part about capacity, must have a reservation, etc... I told my niece they need to start advertising it as June 24th because people aren't gonna pay attention to the speed talk at...
  18. tlovesdis

    Sparkling Water at Quick Service Restaurants?

    They sell bottles of Dasani sparkling water at several places. I know for sure at Rancho del Zocalo because I bought a lime one once from there!
  19. tlovesdis


    I've been using Deckert's for about 10 years now! I love them! They have great rates and great customer service! I have never had an issue with them.
  20. tlovesdis

    Outside or Onsite ECV Rental

    Are you staying far away? I would just ride the scooter from the hotel to the parks, that's what I always do. If you have to park you are going to need to request one that can be taken apart.


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