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    ***February 2019***

    I leave Wednesday! Just one more work day and two more sleeps. I'm going crazy with the wait!
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    Ladies...leggings for the park

    I bought 2 pairs of these last night! They seem great. I may go back and buy a few more before we leave on Wednesday!
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    Ladies...leggings for the park

    Someone else mentioned those, but I haven't had any luck finding them.
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    Ladies...leggings for the park

    I've tried both.
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    Ladies...leggings for the park

    I have never found a pair of capris I look ok in.
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    Ladies...leggings for the park

    So it looks like our trip next week is going to be pretty warm. While I have lost a bunch of weight, I'm not super comfortable in shorts yet. I'd love to wear some cropped leggings, but I have never really found a brand I love. I want something with more support than the popular super soft...
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    Grocery Delivery FAQ

    I need some help deciding who to order from for my trip next week. I have a cart made with Instacart, but the main page on this thread says it won't deliver to bell services. Is that true? I'm staying at Pop. We plan to hit the park as soon as we get to the resort and drop our bags, so I don't...
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    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    So just curious, which building would have the shortest walk to the buses? We requested early check-in, so at this point, I'm fine with whatever we get as long as we can get in early.
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    ***February 2019***

    1 more week....7 more sleeps....the wait is killing me! Can't wait to have some quality mom/daughter time with my 9 y.o. We will miss our boys (hubby and son), but so looking forward to the memories we will make!
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    Memory Maker Sharing Question

    I did try resending them, and so far they didn't come to me, so that is good, I hope! Yep, I am aware about the photos. It's only 2 families plus mine so it shouldn't be too hard to manage. Speaking of, I selected the option for the other moms to only see our shared plans, but they can see...
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    Memory Maker Sharing Question

    Yeah, I spoke too soon. I tried to link them, and I saw them there, but the invitation actually came to me, not the moms.
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    Memory Maker Sharing Question

    Cool, thanks for that tip. I didn't realize it was that easy!
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    Memory Maker Sharing Question

    Question about sharing Memory Maker. These are actual friends of mine, not some sharing group with people I don't know. :) The Memory Maker is under my account, and I have linked up with my two girlfriends who are also going on the trip with their kids. Will everyone in their group be able...
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    Memory Maker discounts beyond advanced purchase?

    It is definitely worth the cost. We've done it on our post two trips (and will again next month), and we got well over 400 photos both times!
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    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    I don't plan on having a plan, per se, just wanted to know if there was a better area of the park to start in while we wait for the crowd to empty out! :)
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    Everything PhotoPass and Memory Maker

    I'm sorry if this has been asked, but I got through about 6 pages and didn't see it. We are going with a group of friends, and we will all be there at the same time. The two friends I plan to share with have other people in their party. So when I add the Friends and Family, do I just need to...
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    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    For those of you who have done DAH before in MK, which land do you usually start in? I know when the event first starts we will be dealing with those who were in line when the park closed, so what area of the park typically empties out fastest?
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    Bring my own stroller vs renting one

    Our first trip, when my youngest was 23 months, we took our stroller because I wanted it in the airport. Our second trip, when my youngest was 5, she wasn't using a stroller anymore day-to-day, but I knew she'd get exhausted with all that walking, so we rented one. We had a great experience.
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    Everthing you wanted to know about Uber/Lyft at WDW

    I've ridden in an Uber before, but I've never hired one myself. Is there a way to figure out how much a ride will cost before you go? My daughter is in love with the old McDonald's "Mac Tonight" commercials (thanks to her dad and YouTube) and we want to have dinner at the McDonald's on...


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