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    Resale restrictions as resort deeds expire?!?

    In 2042 BCV, BWV and the other original resorts will cease to exist as we know them (unless they extend, highly unlikely for BWV and BCV, maybe for BLT). The buildings will go back to Disney. They may keep them as cash resorts, tear them down and rebuild or refurbish them and open new DVC...
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    ADRs still not working across split stays

    This shouldn't be a hard fix, given that somehow they've done it for FP+ for split stays at 60 days for DVC members (hopefully, I have my 60 days window opening in a week). It's a problem of priorities, it is certainly more important (for DVC, not sure about members) to have a new splashy home...
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    Are We Crazy? We totally LOVE Saratoga Springs!!

    This will be a 2 or 3 years job. I'm not even sure they'll finish the first building by this September, I'm sorry.
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    Refurb Schedule?

    7/14 is already the accelerated schedule. Hard goods refurbishment was originally scheduled every 24 years.
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    Increase in parking fee

    Well, it depends. I have recently rented my points for $15pp. Let's say I have 100 more points to rent (I haven't, so don't write me if you're looking for points :) ) and I publish this post in the rental board: 100 point for rent at $10pp. Then inside I add that I would charge: - $100 booking...
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    Increase in parking fee

    I guess that when I rent out my points I could decide to ask less money per point, but then charge a "reservation management fee", a DDP booking fee, a DME reservation fee.... As long as in the contract and my renter agrees to it, I can ask whatever I want. It wouldn't be different from what...
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    Increase in parking fee

    If Disney wants $25 per night more revenue from each room, they'd know they will discount the room most of the year, so they'd add more than $25, so that after the average discounts applied to reservations over the year they'd get $25 per room.
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    Trying to understand the Riviera booking pattern

    You can see if the night is available, but not how many rooms are free, it might be only one, so when the booking windows open it might be gone in a fraction of a second. Members can only book the few rooms that have been declared: 9 Two-Person Tower Studio villas 8 Dedicated Deluxe Studio...
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    Beach Club Room Types

    BCV are underwhelming or slightly less underwhelming. Book BCV for the location and the pool, wich are amazing, not for the views :)
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    DisneyLand Paris who has been

    The point charts for the Disneyland Paris hotels are obscene, and on top of that there is a $95 booking fee. You can get a much better offer if you browse the different european countries websites. Start with the UK one: try the booking process so you're...
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    Where do the sellers come from?

    The best question would be: where are all the sellers? More than 80% of the deeds sold at OKW are still owned by the original buyers. For a 27 years old resort it is impressive. Unless there is a mass sellout anytime soon, it seems the average ownership lenght will be over 30 years. For a...
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    I do not have permission to access the page (for Magic Bands)>

    Thanks for the summary. I have 40 days before my deadline to order customized MB, not very hopeful. Lookinh at the bright side: I'll save $30, maybe enough for some churros. :D
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    Looking to buy direct - 50 points (after 10 years waiting)

    I would suggest you to pause a bit and rethink your plan. Buying now and trying to book the second week of December you won't find any availability, that week has been booked solid at 11 months and Riviera won't be open yet even for the welcome home reservation. Why direct? 50 points wouldn't...
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    Where to buy next?

    Be aware that the rolled back 2020 reallocation did move points from the bungalows and cabins to the other rooms at the resort. Poly studios are already pricey and DCV thinks they can increase them even more. CCV points per night are on the low side, when comparing with the newest resorts, but...
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    Jambo house

    Standard views on the Kudu trail all have a partial Savannah view. I had one last year and it was nice.
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    New AP Special?

    Next AP deal will be offered when Universal will open the third gate. In the next few years with all the new attractions planned and 50th anniversary I don't think they'll offer a great deal like Premier Plus for the cost of the gold. I'd be very happy to be wrong about this.
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    UK free dining and ultimate ticket: can they be purchased outside the UK?

    At the end, Disney support told him he could book on the Irish website, which is even better for him since he can pay in Euro. Thanks all for the replies.
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    Are split stays complicated?

    Bell services help with all the logistics of moving the bags. You'll still need to pack and unpack, only you know if this is something that might annoy you. I don't mind living out of a suitcase and since I travel by plane, I still pack my carry on bag with everything I need the first 4 nights...
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    Which DVC resort is best?

    The best option is a split stay three way: one MK resort, one Crescent lake resort and one "out there" resort (AKV, SSR or OKW). I'm doing a 12 nights stay this September at BLT, BWV and AKV, I'll be able to walk to 3 parks and 5 mins bus to another, plus two transfers. Bliss.
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    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    I'm sorry I don't agree on this. DVC financial analysis compares DVC to rack rates, which is a no starter. Also, while I don't need to know if I'm saving 20 or 40%, and I have no intention to buy more points regardles, I still enjoy such posts and people looking to buy should still read them...


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