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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    My neighbor is 92. Wife is a few years younger. One of their daughters just passed away. She had early onset Alzheimers and moved to our area for a experimental program that probably did exend her life some. She was renting a home down the street. She was in her mid-60's.
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    Start asking for it! Lots of places offer senior discounts at age 55! For auto insurance, depending on the state, the mature driver discount and senior defensive driving credit is age 55! When I was in Vegas, I saw senior discounts at age 55 up and down the strip. My spoue will be 59 this...
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    Okay, you disagree, for the OP conversation purposes, you can not and should not use the term elder for a 64 year old mother. Because that upsets the entire conversation flow! Also, keep in mind you are on an Internet forum with people from many different cultures. So it would be small...
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    My point being... the age you use the term is irrelevant to this conversation.
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    Since, when does it matter? Some are considered Senior Citizens at age 55. You don't know this 64 year old health issues. I know 94 year olds who physical age is 40. I know 45 years old whose physical age is 65.
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    I am retired Air Force Human Resources. My husband is also retired Air Force, and has been a DoD Civilian for about 13 years. I already told DH when I pass away, to hire an attorney familiar with Veteran and Federal benefits. It's just way too much to keep up with and there are so many rules...
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    Debit cards for teens

    All four of mine got their own Youth Checking at age 10. We use USAA Youth Banking that has no fee's like some of the other programs (i.e. Visa Bucks and similar programs.) Even my friends bank charged fees for Youth Banking that mine does not.
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    Moving Advice

    I am retired military and a military spouse, and a military brat. If you truly decluttered when you listed the home, that is good. Professional movers normally come a week in advance to assess how many boxes and what sizes. Then for my four bedroom home, four men, two days to professionally...
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    Inexpensive way to tell if neighbor killed my grass

    LOL. Also that poster joined TODAY with a username of ConcernedAboutTheBS
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    Inexpensive way to tell if neighbor killed my grass

    I like picket fences; however, as I was reading I saw a post saying the kids play with neighbor kids so they didn't want a fence. I wasn't paying attention if that was the OP. Also a post said a community restriction prevented putting a fence down the property line? I would say, what about a...
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    Love bugs!!!

    Not as bad as normal at my house here in Tampa.
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    At what age do guys stop eating everything that is not nailed down

    My oldest son is 26, younger 17, I'll let you know when they start eating everything not nailed down. They eat small portions currently.
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    College selection vs cost

    He could do two years at Wayne State and the transfer to the University. Knock out his core classes first before transferring.
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    Regular military base tickets

    It was offered to DoD for 2018 Fourth Quarter. Some feel it was a test or due to low third quarter sales. It’s not part of the 2019 eligibility criteria.
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    Regular military base tickets

    If you purchase them ON base (in person), there is no shipping. Also, they sell them for their cost (probably includes what ITT paid for shipping to them). One year when I was stationed at Moody in Valdosta, Georgia I bought them at the previous years price because they still had previous...
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    Hotel Royal if it’s just two adults. I like to stay in the French Quarter. You don’t want to rent a car as there is very limited parking.
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    Regular military base tickets

    I don’t think you are going to get your desired answer to this question in ethics.
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    Help with budgeting for 2 families and military discount?

    Yes, trying to book 6 months out, I am sure most of the military rate rooms are taken.
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    Moving to Denver

    She had an apartment in Aurora before. I know she is looking at apartments. I was just looking online out of curiosity since my son will be the one using public transportation.
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    Best resort with great pool for under $400/night?

    What about a Disney Springs hotel within walking distance. So the teens have some freedom to walk around Disney Springs as well? The Four Seasons is wonderful and have a teen room with billards, etc. I love Portofino Bay at Universal. Royal Pacific is nice too. I really like City Walk and I...


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