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  1. goofyintoronto

    Tell me about Biergarten!

    The dance floor doesnt get rammed, so dont worry. You wont lose your kids. :) If you want to be closer to the band/dance floor, just ask for a table in the lower section. That way you can eat while your kids dance. Its a fun restaurant with a great vibe. Food is pretty good too.
  2. goofyintoronto

    Tell me about Biergarten!

  3. goofyintoronto

    Steak Dinner with young adult children

    Im guessing you meant "tables"? And I agree btw. I dont consider LC signature either. My steak wasnt that great...and ya the tables are definitely way too close together. Way too rammed. Not worth the price they ask. I've had great steak at The Wave. GF Cafe was good too, although the steak...
  4. goofyintoronto

    Is Trex worth a trip to Disney Springs?

    I agree with this 100%. The theme is awesome. I think the theme is better than RFC. But that's just me. It all depends on how badly you want to see dinosaurs. If you have zero interest in anything else in Disney Springs then perhaps just skip it? While at AK i'd much rather eat at Satuli...
  5. goofyintoronto

    Wings at Disney?

    Yes i totally understand that. However, its still not the same and its certainly not ok. Lol.
  6. goofyintoronto

    Value resort not so much of a value...

    If staying at Pop and going to HS for example, yes you will have to get off and transfer to another gondola at CBR. They will still have buses apparently, so thats always the option. Honestly i'll try it out but from what i see now, i will probably stick with buses. It all depends on how quick...
  7. goofyintoronto

    Do you take vitamins and supplements?

    I take vitamin B complex daily. My sister (nurse) said it made a difference overall and recommended i take them too. Not sure i noticed a difference just yet though. Although it takes about 4 weeks to kick in apparently. Its only been 2 weeks i think. So we shall see.
  8. goofyintoronto

    Do you take vitamins and supplements?

    Sun poisoning? I've never heard of such a thing. I have heard of people breaking out in rashes from the sun, but thats about it. I'll have to google this one! :)
  9. goofyintoronto

    Men, when growing up and playing sports

    same here. I made my son wear a cup for hockey too. Although its actually mandatory, so its not like we had much of a choice. But given a choice, i'd still make him wear it.
  10. goofyintoronto

    Value resort not so much of a value...

    I totally agree with you actually. I hate transferring. So i'd happily take the bus instead.
  11. goofyintoronto

    Wings at Disney?

    Yes, they were delicious. I hate that a lot of restaurants are moving towards "boneless" wings, which are basically nuggets/tenders shaped like wings. :furious: Like come on! Some of us like the bones. Boneless is just not the same. :( FYI im going to complain to disney about the lack of wings...
  12. goofyintoronto

    Wings at Disney?

    Its a shame scifi got rid of their wings. I actually thought they were pretty good!
  13. goofyintoronto

    Wings at Disney?

    Ohana has wings, but they suck. Theyre slimy. Bleh! :crazy2: And yes ESPN has them at the boardwalk. For 10 wings its $16.
  14. goofyintoronto

    What does everyone think about Punta Cana right now? DD has a trip planned...

    Sorry but I wouldnt go. People getting sick, dying, alcohol being thank you. Until they figure out why these people are getting sick/dying, i'd stay far away from DR.
  15. goofyintoronto

    Narrowed down to Epcot...

    Chefs de France has very good food. Loved it every time. Loved the goatcheese salad, beef short ribs, the cheese board app, the desserts, you name it. So good! Its about personal preference though....I personally dont like the menu at spice road table, so id never pick that place. But it does...
  16. goofyintoronto

    Dining Help Request, Please

    I love The Wave for breakfast!! its sooo delicious. its a small buffet but its incredibly good. One of my faves. I love coming here for dinner too.
  17. goofyintoronto

    Just soup and salad at Narcoose's?

    Exactly! You can get what you want. Its totally fine to get soup/salad. i've gone to signatures before and only ordered an appetizer and dessert. :)
  18. goofyintoronto

    What kind of fish is at Yorkshire County?

    Seems as though they are in fact serving tilapia. That's a damn shame. :scared:
  19. goofyintoronto

    What kind of fish is at Yorkshire County?

    ha ha, ya it was a big party in Toronto. All over actually. But Toronto was just nuts! Very exciting game though. GO RAPTORS! :teeth: :cheer2:
  20. goofyintoronto

    What kind of fish is at Yorkshire County?

    I know someone who asked a CM at Yorkshire about this...and the CM said it was tilapia. Not sure if they switched back to cod since then? Maybe someone who has been recently can tell us. :)


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