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    Village Green

    Village Green view studios are in the Garden/Pool category. We requested Village Green for January and got it. We were close to the elevator, felt like we were part of the Boardwalk action, yet it was also so relaxing. Really appreciated the closeness to the lobby.
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    Check-In @ 4pm - Then What?

    We never plan a park for the arrival day, but if everyone feels up to it after traveling, we’ll add a day to our tickets when we arrive. That way we don’t waste the money on it if we run into travel delays, if the kids are overtired from travel, etc. My recommendation is to play it by ear and...
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    How many cheap ponchos do you bring?

    We still bring our yellow Disney parks ponchos that are at least 18 years old! We also have some of the new clear style because my kids needed the child size (which we didn’t have anymore) and another day I left ours in the room and needed to buy them. The Disney ones are great quality and last...
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    Need 9 dinners - help a lady out here?

    That’s great! It’ll be fun to try someplace new and different. I think that’s a smart decision. We’re doing the dining plan for the first time on our next visit. Normally we don’t do TS every day and right now I’m having so much fun thinking of the possibilities! :)
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    Need 9 dinners - help a lady out here?

    I have seen some great reviews on social media of the new restaurant out in the lake at Coronado - Three Bridges. Seems like a really nice setting to hang out and the food looks awesome. Not sure if they take ADRs or take the dining plan, but it looks like a great spot especially since you’re...
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    Which resort for grand villa, strollers and seniors?

    I think VGF is a perfect choice! We’ve stayed there and the GV is gorgeous and so spacious. We were 6 adults and 2 kids. Having the extra media room is huge - my kids used it as a playroom, but you could even set up 2 pack & plays in there. There’s just so much space and it’s absolutely...
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    The Rumor Tracking Thread UPDATED 6/19/19

    I so hope this is true! So many memories of the rainbow tunnel. If it happens ... add that to the list of popular Instagram spots!
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    Questions for a One Time Only Trip

    We went Saturday to Saturday (7 nights) and it was just right for us. We did a little bit of sightseeing - Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, north shore, catamaran your/snorkeling, etc. but also spent quite a bit of time just enjoying the resort. It was a really nice balance of relaxation and...
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    Contempo Cafe vs Captain Cooks?

    Capt. Cook’s is my favorite resort QS. Love the nachos. Contempo is good too, but I really love Capt. Cook’s menu.
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    Tell me about Biergarten!

    That’s perfect! We were thinking of doing Biergarten on our arrival night or our last night since it looks like so much fun! Leaning toward the last night since we are staying at SSR - I think we are going to do Homecomin’ on our first night to stay closer to the resort. If we were staying at an...
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    Tell me about Biergarten!

    Thank you so much! I had no idea that show was listed. Very helpful.
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    Tell me about Biergarten!

    I cannot believe that in all our trips to WDW, we have never tried Biergarten. Going to try to do this on our next trip! I know it’s communal tables which we are totally fine with - we will be a group of 9 at least, possibly 12. My question is more about how the entertainment works. Is it...
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    You may have tried all these but our favorites are Poseidon, Skull Creek Boathouse, Old Oyster Factory, Santa Fe Cafe, Charlie’s Etoile Vert, Chow Daddy’s, One Hot Mama’s, Reilley’s, Philly’s (for subs), Quarterdeck, CharBar, Coast at the Sea Pines beach club, San Miguel’s. ETA: Oops @hayesdvc...
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    Where have all the perks gone ?

    We love Disney resorts. I’ve stayed at Disney resorts my entire life, long before pre-booking Fastpasses, EMH, Magical Express, etc. existed. As an adult, I bought DVC because I love the resorts. We love the accommodations. We love the attention to detail. We love the pools. We love the...
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    May hrs from this year - Animal Kingdom

    On our May 2018 trip (12th-17th) I recall sunsets around 8:00pm. We arrived at AK at 9:00 for a DVC moonlight magic event. I know it was dark when we were at the Poly getting our things together to head to the event. I’d say by 8:30 it was dark. ETA: I didn’t see Robo’s post before I posted...
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    Stroller recommendations

    We have a Zoe double and LOVE it. It is only 19 lbs for a DOUBLE. My kids are 4 (42” tall) and almost 3 (37” tall) and there is tons of room between their heads and the sunshade. The seat back doesn’t come up super high, so their heads aren’t supported when reclined, but I don’t need them to be...
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    Adding dining plan to DVC reservation - timing?

    We are a group of 9, staying together in a grand villa. We’ve been tossing around the idea of doing the dining plan, but want to see what ADRs we can snag first and make sure everyone on our room reservation is on board. There is no issue adding the dining plan to a DVC reservation after ADRs...
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    SDD rope drop + stroller parking + rider switch

    We almost always rope drop, but never the most popular attractions. Our DHS day may be 60+3. We plan to rope drop SDD (unless we we somehow get FP, but we need FP for 8 which is a pretty tall order for 60+3.) We will have a double stroller and single stroller to park. We will also need to...
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    Character Spot at epcot now a tier 2 [correction, now back to Tier 1]

    We never had trouble getting this as a tier 2 when it used to be tier 2. So happy about this change!
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    Minnie Van morning availability

    We have used Minnie Vans, but only later in the day. There are 2 mornings on our next trip where I think we would try to count on using MV. MV is our best “express” option because we need 2 car seats. Going from SSR to Trattoria al Forno for an early breakfast (maybe a 7:30ish ADR - I’ll only...


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