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  1. maltdizzy

    What's going on at MK on Dec. 2nd

    Should be right around the time for the Cast Member MVMCP.
  2. maltdizzy

    Rides closing for weather? Resort pools?

    Last I heard from a CM, it was 5 miles. If lightning strikes are within 5 miles, they will completely shut down the pools areas. Plus, in the water parks, they pull everyone out of the water and off attractions. That's because lightning can strike well within the radius, even if there is no...
  3. maltdizzy

    Are you allowed to take bottled water and snacks into Disneyland?

    The CO2 is forced out of the liquid by the crystallization. If the container is factory sealed then it should mix back in once the drink is thawed. But if the container has been opened before thawing, then the CO2 will escape as just gas.
  4. maltdizzy

    Mickey bars will be in grocery stores in February

    While the out-of-park experience isn't the same, and they are smaller, I have to say I think the grocery ones taste better, the chocolate layer is thick and seems like quality chocolate and they aren't frozen rock hard.
  5. maltdizzy

    Team Members hopsitalized at Volcano Bay

    Well, electrocuted=dead, but I guess it was some sort of electric shock. But, that a "number of team members" went to the hospital is disconcerting.
  6. maltdizzy

    2020 packages release date???

    Insight? No. Historical trends? Since context is 2020, I think the odds very high there will be an increase no later than February.
  7. maltdizzy

    50th in 2021

    They may discuss some details at D23 this August. Otherwise, I expect they'll start releasing some information next Spring before the 2021 package reservations go online in June 2020. But I would expect a lot of details to wait until closer.
  8. maltdizzy

    50th in 2021

    They gave out a throwback MK park map on October 1 and maybe some buttons. That's pretty much it.
  9. maltdizzy

    More Marvel at Disney

    Have they? They usually word around it ..."Summer of Super Heroes," "Super Hero HQ", Avengers, or use character names. If you scour the Parks blog, you see in some Disneyland posts, they use "Marvel" only in directly reference to the movies or Disneyland Hong Kong. They never use "Marvel" when...
  10. maltdizzy

    More Marvel at Disney

    Nope. The '94 contract specifically grants Universal the rights "in perpetuity" (legalese for "forever or they don't want them anymore") while Universal still has a Marvel presence inside their Orlando parks. This is the breakdown... Universal has the theme park rights to most Marvel...
  11. maltdizzy

    best EPCOT pavillion?

    Horizons :sad: But, otherwise, Mexico and Japan...though really hard to choose, I like them all.
  12. maltdizzy

    Disney+ Launches November 12th

    Smart TV support is spotty all-around. Each streaming service has to develop an app that is compatible with each smart TV's operating system (same for cable boxes). Because of this, services are slower to come and update on many smart TV's compared to much popular streaming devices. Plus...
  13. maltdizzy

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    BOG dinner (pre pre-fixe) - Didn't like the cafeteria setting of BOG, food was average at best Ohana dinner - a hour wait to be seated, lousy service, felt rushed, they automatically keeping bring our pre-teen DS children menu items even though we were paying adult price and he prefers adult menus.
  14. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    In Europe, smoking is still widely accepted and a huge part of the culture. A large part of Western Europe still argues cigarettes have no connection to cancer. While smokers bound for WDW or DLR can be angry, they can't be surprised or shocked. Fair or not, smoking is not accepted social...
  15. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    All the news reports are confirming smoking areas in DS, but I'm not sure I've seen a posted policy. The posted policy for WDW specifically mentions that the theme parks, water parks and ESPN Sports complex are affected, implying that DS, resorts, etc is status quo for now.
  16. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    That was easier in WDW than DL, where the long-time smoking section was on the dock around of the Rivers of the Americas, by a food stand, pretty much assuring you would have to walk past it to get to Critter Country. It only took a wind gust to trigger former smokers and asthmatics (sp?). I...
  17. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    Heck, in 1990, he probably could have still smoked on several airlines, gotten a smoking room at a Deluxe resort at WDW, smoked in the hotel bar and some restaurants on property. All of which probably just made cravings worse. The difference in smoking in public places between 1990 and 1999 was...
  18. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    The mix is 95% propylene glycol and glycerin, plus water nicotine and flavor. While labeled a "food safe additive," the propylene glycol content gives some people, including bystanders, headaches. It affects some and not eating MSG The flavor/smell bugs others. Some just because...
  19. maltdizzy

    Smoking Ban

    Now that there are festivals year round, and AP pricing is higher, I don't know if it's as bad. But the weekend scene at F&W used to be pretty obnoxious, not just vomiting but also shoving, cussing and the rest. I was actually pretty shocked the first time we ran into it (which was our first...
  20. maltdizzy

    We came to Disneyland and they stole our stroller.... (Update: Stroller Found!)

    Either things have changed or security employees are getting lazy. Our stroller was stolen at DL in a decade ago and we were immediately escorted to the Anaheim police substation in Tomorrowland (backstage). We filed a report right then and there for the stroller and other belongings. We did...


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