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    Studio Villa

    I am going to rent DVC point for OKW. It will be Me, My Husband and Brother. I'm just wondering if the Studio Villa would be enough room, or is it worth it to upgrade to the one bedroom? My Husband and I stayed at SSR for our Honeymoon last year and loved it. I've heard that OKW studios were...
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    Saratoga Springs

    Great thank you!
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    Saratoga Springs

    Unfortunately we won't have a car. Thank you for your suggestions!
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    Saratoga Springs

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    Saratoga Springs

    We are staying in Saratoga Springs in October, I can start online check in, in 2 days. Does anyone have any building recommendations or any tips for the resort? thank you!
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    Food Delivery

    Great thank you! we are excited!
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    Food Delivery

    We are coming in October for our Honeymoon, we rented DVC points for a studio villa at Saratoga Springs, just wondering if anyone knows if other food places (other than pizza) that would deliver to the hotel.


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