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  1. Mome Rath

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    It's working for me.
  2. Mome Rath

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    Sometimes the mods can set up a thread only they can post to. I second the suggestion of a new thread since this thread has so much discussion it's hard to wade through.
  3. Mome Rath

    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    I can't wait to see it all in person, as I'm avoiding videos, and ride spoilers. I will say I wish there was a Star Wars equivalent of "Muggles," then it wouldn't be as jarring to see modern tourists in the highly detailed backdrop of Black Spire. :teeth:
  4. Mome Rath

    POP bus transportation is terrible

    They all seem to even out over time, so wouldn't recommend hotel choice based on bus service unless it's queue placement. I do like Pop's bus service out of all the resorts, but that may just be luck of timing it right. I agree about returning from EPCOT to Pop, though, when the 15s are there it...
  5. Mome Rath

    The Rumor Tracking Thread UPDATED 6/19/19

    I would absolutely love it if they would keep The Land intact but update it to fit modern farming practices like regenerative farming techniques, carbon capture, etc... I live in the midwest literally in the middle of a farm field and I feel Disney has a chance to shine a light on modern...
  6. Mome Rath

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shopping and Merchandise

    That's what I'm most curious about with the lightsabers; transportation. If they would make the blade optional I would just get a hilt and put it in my luggage. Otherwise I may have to skip it as I travel light and don't want to mess with TSA + a lightsaber.
  7. Mome Rath

    What would you do? Solo edition

    Save your money up for SW:GE? 😋
  8. Mome Rath

    First time- what holiday specific things are there at WDW?

    My absolute favorite holiday thing; Voices of Liberty.
  9. Mome Rath

    News Round Up 2019

    As a huge Avatar/Pandora fan, I think they could get away with it around Pongu Pongu, and Satu'li Canteen, as that is where the concentration of Earth culture would be. Maybe red and green lights, change up the music, put a Santa hat on the Mech... lol
  10. Mome Rath

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shopping and Merchandise

    For Savi's it seems like now the blade is included and you have to purchase it as part of the experience? Or do we really not know that yet? I'm up for the experience and carrying the hilt around, but I'm doubting I'd ever want to display it with the blade anyway...
  11. Mome Rath

    Morning or evening? Need your expertise

    Since you are wanting to enjoy the Fort, I'd do most mornings in the parks, if you are committed to getting there for rope drop. You are doing one late night already, maybe do one more if there is a night time show you'd like to see. Honestly a lot would depend on the tendency of the people in...
  12. Mome Rath

    News Round Up 2019

    Well, that's just "wrong" on several different levels...
  13. Mome Rath

    Why Disneyworld

    Two years ago I was in the opposite position; been to WDW lots, never to DL, but wanted to to check out DL, so I did. So very glad we went, but I may never go back. I think every Disney fan should try to do both coasts at least once, and I love both parks. First, honestly, I don't find it...
  14. Mome Rath

    Good or Bad strategy on when to visit parks

    And, are you staying on property? Will you have either park hoppers or an AP?
  15. Mome Rath

    Hot Takes on Tables in Wonderland

    As AP's who don't really drink, we haven't been able to justify it since the cost has gone up.
  16. Mome Rath

    Requesting specific area on Flight of Passage?

    You actually see different things, or can focus on different things, depending on where you sit. The movement is also slightly different. I don't think there is a bad seat... I'd like to collect them all. lol
  17. Mome Rath

    Getting conflicting info on unexpired tickets

    If you ever have multiple tickets of any type in MDE, when you go to enter a park always have guest services, or the concierge at the hotel, set up which ticket is to be used first. I've had multiple ticket types with different days in my MDE and as long as I had them prioritize it for me at...
  18. Mome Rath

    Posted wait times are wrong this week (May 15th)

    Yes, we went all the time when plain reservations were offered. Disney has the data to back up why they are doing things this way, and tweak their system as the data dictates. They don't statistically care if one person has a long wait, as long as the majority don't. It's the way large...
  19. Mome Rath

    Posted wait times are wrong this week (May 15th)

    ADR's don't guarantee a specific time, just that you are in line when a table opens up. I've shown up for ADR's early and been seated right away, I've been seated right at ADR time, and I've been seated well after ADR time. Also, some don't realize that they eat for longer than what they...


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