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  1. BeyondMidnight

    Queer Disboard FB Group!

    I would like to check out the group :)
  2. BeyondMidnight

    Fashion help - best accessories to wear with a ponytail?

    Maybe try a scrunchie with a bow
  3. BeyondMidnight

    How Long Does It Take You to Get Ready

    Half an hour. When we go as a family we are 3 adults and are ready in an hour. We take turns in the bathroom and eating breakfast.
  4. BeyondMidnight

    Top 3 (or more) favorite things to do -- that AREN'T rides!

    Walking down Main Street the castle, fanstay land, frozen show, the art store in Epcot, meeting Aladdin and Jasmine
  5. BeyondMidnight

    Nostalgia Disney

    Yes! I love it! So glad there is power line merchandise
  6. BeyondMidnight

    coasters and drops

    I’m curious to hear the information on SDD. I’m not a fan of coasters either but love the more mellow coasters like seven dwarves and thunder mountain. I wasn’t sure which category SDD belonged to.
  7. BeyondMidnight

    Debt Dumpers - 2018

    I’ve been working on getting rid of my credit card debit. I’ve made great progress this year. Hopefully by end of next year it will be all gone or nearly
  8. BeyondMidnight

    * Little Known Experiences

    Love all these suggestions! I’ve always wanted to take a tour. Will save this list for future trips :)


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