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    Spin off by request

    My kids when asleep in their own beds!
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    Men's wallet

    DH hates wallets. He carries a planner. It gets super beat up. I jut bought him a new one for Father's Day. He likes the medium sized ones, and they are really hard to find.
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    Unplugged Chit Chat Thread

    Happy Birthday Tom Bell!!!! :bday:
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    What is your newest guilty pleasure

    Pokemon Go :faint:
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    spinoff from How Messy thread, How messy is your hair right now

    My hair is in a bun about 90% of the time. My hair is super curly and ends up frizzy most of the time. Short of having an afro or actually DOING something with it, I keep it out of the way.
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    Unplugged Chit Chat Thread

    Awe thanks! I think I can get out of Lion King. I hated Toy Story 3 so much, so I am not looking forward to the 4th one. I saw it when pregnant, and all my emotions are in super overdrive. So it I love something, I LOVED it. If I disliked it, I hated it with the passion of 1000 suns! I'm sure...
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    Unplugged Chit Chat Thread

    UGH! My kids did Lion King in theater camp. It was adorable. Now my kids are OBSESSED with Lion King. This includes constantly quoting the movie, throwing each other off the couch Scar and Mufasa style, making Timon and Pumba cutouts, and now the worst. They want to see the LIVE ACTION...
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    Do you know anyone who identifies as asexual?

    I don't know any who identify as that, but a couple who I think might be. I would have him get his hormone level checked just to be on the safe side. There is nothing wrong with being Asexual. Not everyone wants a romantic partner, and that is fine.
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    This is unacceptable

    I hate how parents get. This is not the reason why we do not play organized sports, but it is part of it. We do dance, but thankfully so far all the parents have been pretty chill.
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    How messy is your home right now?

    Eh. It has been better, but it has been worse.
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    So what has everyone been up to?

    Good to see you! My kids are all school age now. :faint: We invaded Legoland this past spring. Now a doggy AND a kitty mommy as well!
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    My unpopular opion

    I don't want to see it either, but my kids do. Thankfully the realtor how sold our last house has a special viewing, so at least I don't have to pay for it. I was weird and hated Toy Story 3. I was fine with the first 2.
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    What do you make of modern video games? Are they costly and a waste of time? Are they too violent? Should we be horrified of them?

    The boys will be getting a Switch for Christmas. DH and I are plotting the games WE want to play once they are in bed! :lmao:
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    What do you make of modern video games? Are they costly and a waste of time? Are they too violent? Should we be horrified of them?

    Just told my oldest I was using my birthday money to buy myself a Nintendo DS. He almost cried with happiness. :rotfl2:
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    What Movie did you love, but

    DH and I didn't like it. I am sure I was probably past the proper demographic, and we watched in 2011. I just found it insanely depressing.
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    Must Eat DLR Food?

    Best part about them!!!
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    Must Eat DLR Food?

    Hot Link corn dog in DCA
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    What Movie did you love, but

    It was so well done. I actually put my laptop down to pay full attention to it. I rarely do that with movies. You already know the ending, but getting there was brutal.
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    What Movie did you love, but

    Spotlight. Amazing film, but so hard to watch.
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    What are you putting off?

    Cleaning, grocery shopping, showering, getting dressed, parenting, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning the litter box..just life in general


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