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  1. gr8leg8

    Pretty proud of this trip budget

    Sounds like a great trip! Where are you eating? I have a similar trip planned and of course I’m second guessing my choices...
  2. gr8leg8

    Realistically, how many rides can one ride in MK?

    Yay! words and pictures flower and garden loaded tots I seen the refresh talked about, but now I understand much better Thank you! :worship:
  3. gr8leg8

    Realistically, how many rides can one ride in MK?

    Let's pretend carimar said no... how do you "refresh" the MDE app to check for FPs?
  4. gr8leg8

    HS Question: Disney Jr. Dance Party or Frozen Sing Along?

    Agree with MaxRebo My teen will go to the Frozen sing along, but the Disney Jr. :rotfl2: It was Bear in the Big Blue House when she was a preschooler. Loved me some Bear! miss you buddy. Enjoy the dance party party:
  5. gr8leg8

    I got a show idea for y'all

    If you haven't already, check out the trip reports. Fantastic writers and photographers there. There is a variety of points of view and lots of positive chit chat. I am currently lurking on the July trips because I've never braved the heat before.
  6. gr8leg8

    Should We Winnie the Pooh this Thing? - July/August 2018 Trip Report Updated 6/22

    What a great report Mac & Cheese hot dog :scared1: Gonna try that for dinner tonight - sounds amazing YMCA dancin' - this is my goal for our next trip - to join in and have more fun! :banana: The time jump photo collection - love, love, love :love: I love the outfit combos - color...
  7. gr8leg8

    Deciding between Disneyland and Disney World

    Hotels Candy Cane Inn - has a nice breakfast and free shuttle Portofino - is walkable, we love the kid suite with bunk beds and french doors. this works great when we bring Grandma along. We live in Nor Cal - it's the crowds at DL that make me crazy WDW feels like vacation to me
  8. gr8leg8

    Is my budget missing anything?

    The one I always forget is cash in my park bag for balloons
  9. gr8leg8

    Free Dining Released

    I have been saving for a Mother Daughter trip that works around the school schedule. That leaves us with ... Thanksgiving (decorations & good weather, high crowds and costs) No Water Parks Spring Break Flower & Garden Festival (good weather, medium crowds, high costs) Yes Water Parks or Summer -...
  10. gr8leg8

    Ohana menu change?!

    What do you love instead? Mother Daughter trip in July with free dining and have a couple of water park days. Pre plan is Ohana one night and 1900 Park Fare the other water park day. We have enjoyed our past visits to Ohana. What are your other Resort or Disney Springs favorites?
  11. gr8leg8

    Dancing Through Disney: A June/July 2019 PTR UPDATE 12/15

    Hi! Just booked a July trip and thinking of starting at PTR. What great pictures of your family. Sounds like a fun group. ... um. my favorite restaurant on property? Be Our Guest That's my top pick for reservation day.
  12. gr8leg8

    MoviePass Auto Resubscribing Old Customers

    thank you for the heads up. Will keep an eye out
  13. gr8leg8

    Team No Sleep - A trip of Firsts - May 2018

    I'm sure your girls enjoyed their goodies. The Small World purse/wallet must have been a big hit!
  14. gr8leg8

    Team No Sleep - A trip of Firsts - May 2018

    thank you for a great report! I loved the photos pirate: I can relate to wanting to share the experience with family. . :rolleyes1
  15. gr8leg8

    John Magi Show Host Appreciation Thread

    For anyone else curious about this "the Trip" podcast I found this John - glad to hear all is well. You are loved. :teeth:
  16. gr8leg8

    Golden Spoon

    I've eaten at 59 out of 239 restaurants at Walt Disney World (25%) I've eaten at 35 out of 106 quick service/counter service restaurants at Walt Disney World (33%) I've eaten at 19 out of 79 table-service restaurants at Walt Disney World (24%) I've eaten at 5 out of 22 signature restaurants at...
  17. gr8leg8

    Hey Pete, John, Kevin, and the whole gang

    Hear Hear!! thank you for all you do :love2:
  18. gr8leg8

    When would you visit?

    frozen / slushy lemonade with a hint of violet. from our visit in May to the flower and garden festival. ps. my husband is also dan, so my brain went "why are you asking? you were there..." ~ wrong dan.
  19. gr8leg8

    When would you visit?

    two words - violet lemonade
  20. gr8leg8

    Yes the Disney IS being lost...

    I learned something about myself during our last trip. AKL for the first time - Thank you convention rate!! Our last night was at AoA Little Mermaid room - for the first time. We are big Pop Century fans. I have bubble preferences... I liked AoA better. I can appreciate the beauty of AKL, but...


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