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    Do not use WeGoShop

    Just as an FYI, BBB doesn’t do anything to police fraud. I think folks need to be making actual police reports on this-and is like the thread to stay alive to warn others away.
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    First time Disneyland Resort thoughts from WDW Veteran.

    Did you not use max pass or fast pass? We just got back from WDW-man, we got so much less done in a day with FP+ than we do at DL with MP.
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    Help Pete with the not-so-obvious reasons to buy DVC for an episode of The DVC Show

    We have a family of five, and my oldest is an adult and has a boyfriend with a child. I am super fortunate that she still wants to go on family vacations. DL is our favorite park-being able to take all of us, and my teen’s best friend, to a GCV two bedroom was priceless. And we love having a...
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    Help me plan my 50th-January 2020!

    And Avalon, your birthday celebration sounds fabulous. We were so blessed and scored Club 33 lunch reservations last June-a bucket list item and just amazing. We had WOC dessert party tickets but then it went down for months and we didn’t get to see it :(. That’s a great one to try this time...
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    Help me plan my 50th-January 2020!

    Yay! I’d love to get a chance to see the lights and Small World all decorated.
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    Help me plan my 50th-January 2020!

    Oh man, I can’t believe I actually typed that. Turning 40 didn’t bother me at all but 50 seems like a much bigger deal. So! To help ease the pain, I’ve decided to spend my first birthday ever at my favorite place in the world. So far, all I’ve done is used my DVC points to book a 2 bedroom at...
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    The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Owners & Lovers Group - 2.0

    We own at VGC but would buy DVC at DLH if they sold it-they are both wonderful hotels. Love the retro Disney vibe of the DLH-and the pool at Trader Sam’s!
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    Soaring tour shut out streak continues

    Highly recommend trying at DL if you’re there. As mentioned above, it’s much easier to get into and we thought it was wonderful-only 20 or so I’m our group (I didn’t expect a private ride and would’ve felt awful if we’d made everyone wait with that few riding) but we got the prime seats and then...
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    HARD ROCK HOTEL INFO, FAQ and more........

    Sorry so late, but we just asked at Bell services when we checked in and it worked no problem when we checked out-they took the bags we’d designated for cold storage and refrigerated them for us until we left.
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    The Grand Californian Villas, DL & DCA

    We’ve done the fantasmic BB package twice and wouldn’t do it again-while the view is amazing, the food is mediocre and very expensive and your view isn’t much better than the other cheaper fantasmic packages, which we’d do instead next time.
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    ***Official March 2019 Spring Into Disney Thread!***

    On the plane heading home :(. The last couple days were definitely lower crowds than the beginning of the week fortunately. Still super busy and we definitely did fewer rides than we are used to at DL. Great trip all in all, we loved the Boardwalk and the Hard Rock, and it was fun to see all the...
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    2019 Flower and Garden Festival menus

    We tried: La Isla Fresca -Jamaican braised beef. Excellent-a little spice, kids and adults both loved -Simply Tropical Freeze. Fine. Tasted like frozen POG. Bauernmarket -potato pancake with applesauce. Just OK. 9 year old enjoyed The Smokehouse -pulled pig slider-not bad, nothing special...
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    MK/Fantasyland “Early Morning Magic” (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    With three days, I wouldn’t spend the money. As mentioned above, we only got two rides on 7D-I really wished I’d booked an afterhours at AK instead with this money. Oh well, still had a great trip.
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    YIKES. It’s (3/12) So busy! Planning and FP are so important.

    I actually heard That had changed some this year and much of Texas had pushed back a week? Regardless, it sure is busy.
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    HARD ROCK HOTEL INFO, FAQ and more........

    Just as an FYI for future visitors-yes, they will. :)
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    ***Official March 2019 Spring Into Disney Thread!***

    The weather really has been fabulous. Off to MK today-the family is tired so we aren’t going to get there before 9 . Oh well. We have decent fast passes and many of the rides are ones that we hit at DL so we will be fine. Yesterday was a great day-EMM at DHS which was a much better value, I...
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    The I Love BWV (yes, Hallways and Clown Pool too!) Thread

    We have seen the gondola pilings, of course, and today saw some being tested when we were at DHS. Haven’t noticed any noise from it.
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    YIKES. It’s (3/12) So busy! Planning and FP are so important.

    Eesh. Wish I’d figured this out before I pulled kids out of school to come this week instead of our regular spring break the end of the month!
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    50s Prime Time Cafe has an unbeatable was AWFUL.

    Just ate there today and had a great experience. We are foodies and find most Disney food to be overpriced and underwhelming-this was a well made meal of comfort foods. My pot roast was great-tender and flavorful and hot-and DH loves his wedge salad. Kids were happy with their chicken-DH and DD...


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