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  1. cinnaminny

    Anyone else who might be priced out?

    My husband likes Disney but he can't do it every year, plus, you can go other places for so much cheaper. I know its a bummer for people who like to go every year but if it were me, I would just save up for every other year. Or every three years or whatever fits your schedule and budget. We did...
  2. cinnaminny

    Since CBR is getting the gondola - will it be more popular ?

    It took it out of the running for me. We thought it would probably be too busy. So maybe a bunch of people will avoid it for the same reason making it perfect for everyone who stays there lol
  3. cinnaminny

    Bed bugs?

    This always makes me nervous. They could easily hitch a ride on a housekeeper. If I am staying somewhere for just a few days I always put the do not disturb sign out to avoid housekeeping because for just a short period of time its not worth the risk.
  4. cinnaminny

    Bed bugs?

    I watched this video earlier this year!!
  5. cinnaminny

    Talk me out of it...POFQ to Poly

    I think this a good decision for very good reasons. You should watch the TimTracker videos of POFQ and POR grounds tours if you havent already. Those connected resorts look very nice and I really love the idea of all the shade the trees there provide. That will come in handy.
  6. cinnaminny

    Talk me out of it...POFQ to Poly

    That really is a problem isn't it. We stayed at the Contemporary because it hits all of our happy buttons. We kind of figured that our last trip would be our only trip so we did all the special things we could. It was amazing and now we want to go back and do the whole amazing thing again. Cha...
  7. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    I don’t know how they work it out. I just remember it went from nearly 20,000 to around 15,000.
  8. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    Excuse me? If you read through you would see we paid them through quick books. They don’t like to pay credit card fees. I have a warranty and a receipt for my roof you don’t get that paying under the table. It’s so weird to accuse people of unethical behavior just because they paid cash. Last...
  9. cinnaminny

    Soarin over Cali

    I hope they decide to keep it longer than June.
  10. cinnaminny

    Why did they drain and evacuate Grizzly?

    Say wha? Touring plans gave these dates...January 7, 2019 to March 28, 2019 Is it closed now??
  11. cinnaminny

    DLR people, get me pumped for WDW

    We rented a car also. We felt it really made things easier. Waiting for busses adds up so we had more time to either relax or have more time in the park. It was worth it for us and we are not nervous driving in congested unfamiliar places.
  12. cinnaminny

    Cell phone for 11 year old

    My son has had a smart phone for years, we bought him an iphone 6. I didn't let him have it in his room at night for the longest time, but now I don't care because he leaves it alone. He is unlike a lot of kids I see that are completely glued to it. I know some girls...they never stop staring at...
  13. cinnaminny

    What does everyone think about Punta Cana right now? DD has a trip planned...

    The US has so many lovely beaches. I don't need to deal with any of that. Although, we are going to Hawaii next year and slightly worried about the parasite that people are getting from not getting veggies clean enough lol This is about as dangerous as I want to live.
  14. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    That is true!!
  15. cinnaminny

    DLR people, get me pumped for WDW

    For me I feel like DLR is an amazing space, two parks, so many rides in a small footprint. Lots of classic Disney Magic. I love the Quick Service, I love how easy it is. I think I prefer Disneyland park to Magic Kingdom park. But it's close and once Tron is in the park, all bets are off. lol...
  16. cinnaminny

    Why did people live in bland looking rectangular houses in the 1980s?

    *puts on granny glasses* "When I was a kid we lived in a bland, rectangular, dirty house" Just kidding I grew up in a very clean Dutch Colonial. I'm pretty sure that house pictured above, from the images I found online is a Mid-Century Modern. With its beams in the ceilings and brick walls...
  17. cinnaminny

    Overrated TV Series

    You take that back! lol no I was not aware. boo.
  18. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    Ours had a way to get the money immediately through quick-books
  19. cinnaminny

    Overrated TV Series

    Lost is the worst show ever. I hung in till the bitter bitter end. But it marks the worst show I've ever watched. I am not sure its considered over rated considering how many people feel exactly as I do. I've never enjoyed Modern Family. That is probably a good overrated show example for me...
  20. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    Another way to get a deal with these guys is to pay in cash. They like that a lot apparently. It saved us thousands on our roof.


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