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    Legoland and US pre/post DL ABD?

    If possible, LL first. Our daughter thought LL was the greatest thing. Until we went to DL. She loved both, but DL is another level
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    Disney restaurants that are popular that are not very good anymore.

    some places are about venue only. Blue Bayou is one of the biggest examples of that. I can’t think of a lot of good options in regard to food aside from Boat Wright’s.
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    First timers, what would you do?

    I agree with others on splitting it up. You can stay at Swan for 2 days and Disney will transfer your luggage to a Disney property hotel. We did that before, and that allows you to take advantage of the strengths of different properties. Taking the boat from the Swan to two parks is awesome, but...
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    Disney movies you wish you could remake?

    Black Cauldron. The source material is supposed to be excellent
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    Should Disney reboot Song of the South?

    It is probably best the way it is. If you really want to see it, you can see it. I know I saw many, probably bootlegged, copies at Amoeba Records. Can probably get online too. I personally am not very curious about it because I remember thinking it was lame as a child and it also has a bad...
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    Recent Trip Observations

    We experienced the same problems with rides down. Tried Midway Mania 3 times and went down every time. Haunted Mansion had issues, but we luckily got to finish the ride before they shut it. Pirates was down. This also lends itself to the fast pass lines, I would think, since they give out the...
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    Why doesn't anyone make their kids wait in line?

    The bigger problem I noticed on recent DL trip is that it seems like everyone is in such a hurry late in the day that they risk running over small children. This is mostly teens, but also some parents rushing around with strollers. Not sure if it's racing for a good spot for parade, making a...
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    Why doesn't anyone make their kids wait in line?

    I have never noticed it being a big problem at DL. There was one big group that did it while we were in line for Peter Pan, which irked me as they pushed all the way through a crazy line to get there. On a side note, Peter Pan has to be the most overrated ride there. It's ok, but the lines are...
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    help me decide, 3 or 4 day

    We have done 3 day for 3 years in a row. We are usually kind of done by the middle of the third day. By that point, we have done everything we really wanted to do at least once and are getting tired. We go there with a toddler, though, so it is extra tiring/hectic. 4 day sounds good if only...
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    Weather today

    The wind has been insane. Watch out for flying palms
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    Worth spending only a few hours at Legoland?

    Our kid loved Legoland it turns out. She is almost 3 and the park seems to be geared toward 3-8 year olds, so it was in her wheelhouse. I don't think I would go as just adults or with an older kid though. It's a toddler paradise
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday question?

    Do you know when IASW reopens? I have seen both Nov. 7 & 9 mentioned.
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    Worth spending only a few hours at Legoland?

    We are doing a San Diego/Disneyland trip in the fall. We have one day in between that we have not booked a hotel for. Would it be worth staying at Legoland if we only had time to visit for a few hours? Or is it too big to make that make sense (more of an all day thing)? The alternative is...
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    First time planning for Disneyland

    2 days should work. That's how we did it the first time I went to DL. As far as hotels, it depends somewhat on whether you are doing anything else other than Disneyland. We stay at a Sheraton in Garden Grove because of it's convenience to restaurants/stores. There is a Co Co's and a Target...
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    Jack and Sally at Disneyland

    Thanks! I was having trouble finding this info one actual Disneyland site
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    Jack and Sally at Disneyland

    Do you know whether Jack Skellington and Sally are still at Disneyland in early November, or does it stop right after Halloween? My wife and I are planning to take our daughter to Disneyland at the start of November and are curious whether she can still see Sally and Jack. She is a big Nightmare...


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