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    BBB, CRT, and MNHSSP timing

    Thanks for the feedback. Our reasoning for doing BBB at DS would be to not have to use a park ticket for that day. Then, I thought we could go to CRT as soon as we can get in and avoid missing any park time during the actual party itself. (Since the party doesn't officially start until 7). We...
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    BBB, CRT, and MNHSSP timing

    Trying to plan our days at Disney for our trip at the end of August. We will have three generations, two grandparents, two parents and a 3.5 YO. Planning to go to the Halloween Party on August 20. Was wondering if it would be possible to do Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs around 2...
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    Air Miles Canadian Resident Tickets

    Seeing as how we can never seem to get flights from our Air Miles, we were thinking of using them for our park tickets! For our trip, we are looking at doing the following days (with two adults and a three year old): -- 4 days at DisneyWorld (1 per park) -- 1 day Park Hopper at Universal (just...
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    What to do with one extra day and a preschooler?

    Hello -- My husband, daughter (3.5 yo), parents-in-law and I will be in Orlando for eight days in August before we go on a RCI cruise. We are going to stay off site at a villa but we are planning four Disney days (one for each park), as well as a few down days with shopping and pool time at...
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    Using a baby carrier on rides

    I was there in November two weeks before my daughter's first birthday and I used a Lenny Lamb carrier which doe not have a forward facing option. Baby was front facing me and I did not have any issues! We rode IASM, Winnie the Pooh, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, etc and no one said...
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    Memory Maker for a Day plus character meals?

    Hi, My family and I (me, DH, and LO1) are going to Disney for a short little trip in November. We are staying offsite and it is more of an Orlando trip than a Disney one. However, we will be spending one full day at the Magic Kingdom as well as doing to character meals - Chef Mickey's and 1900...
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    MK with One Year Old

    Thanks for the tips! She is a huge Mickey fan, so the talking Mickey will be cool! Definitely got to add that to the list. We are doing Chef Mickey's as well (on a different day) so I might skip the Sideshow, but haven't decided.
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    MK with One Year Old

    Hello, My hubby and I are taking our little girl to the Magic Kingdom for a day in November She will be one week shy of her first birthday. Wondering what are some must-dos for this age? Thinking Dumbo, It's A Small World and Winnie the Pooh are must-dos. Was going to try and use our Fast Pass...
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    Flight Advice

    Hi all! My boyfriend and I are leaving on Sunday to go to Orlando for two weeks! So excited -- been scouring these forums for months. :banana: Anyways, we are concerned about our flight and was wondering if anyone's been in a similar situation: We are booked with Air Canada to go from...
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    One day at Disney

    Hi all! I'm heading down to Orlando for my dream vacation with my BF in 21 days :cool1: We are going to be there from June 26-July 10. I'm a Harry Potter nut so the main goal of this trip is to do Universal. We bought the Flex ticket and have that all planned out. In fact, BF was pretty...
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    Staying onsite and other newbie questions

    Hi again everybody! Been scouring these boards everyday to find out as I can! It's such a wonderful resource. I have a couple more questions, if I can pick your brains a little more. (Only 55 days to go! :dance3:) 1. Even though we're staying in a villa, I managed to convince my bf to book...
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    June 26 - July 6, best time to go?

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a few weeks, and I wanted to thank everyone for all the tips and info! I will be travelling with my bf (both adults) to Orlando between June 26 and July 6 from Newfoundland, Canada. It's my first time in Florida so I'm really excited and my type A...


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