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    158 pts. for rent at $13 ppt.

    Any studios March 30-April 1? Either night? 2 adults and a 2 year old
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    CLOSED: 174 Points to be used before 4/1/19 - $12/pp

    Do you see any availability for this weekend? Feb 16-19th?
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    158 pts. for rent at $13 ppt.

    Anything open Feb 16-19th? Or a combination of the days? Studio preferred please. Thanks!
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    2019: Christmas lasts forever

    Did anyone see if the Christmas dishes, bowls, etc are still there? And still on sale? I wanted to purchase a few more the next time I go and I wondered if they were still buy 1 get one half price? Or maybe at the outlet?? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Fort Wilderness Christmas Decor

    Thanks! I appreciate all your info!
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    Fort Wilderness Christmas Decor

    I was thinking about going to check out the light displays. We have been quite a few times over to the settlement area for fried chicken and the playground off th boat, but I never saw any campground/ RV areas where the lights are. Just trying to figure out how you can get to them.
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    Fort Wilderness Christmas Decor

    I was wondering if the fort wilderness campground can be driven through with a rental car or if it is more for walking only? If so would I be better parking my car somewhere at fort wilderness and walking or take the boat from MK? Thanks in advance!
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    once upon a christmas time on 22 december

    I wondered the same thing. We would be able to do the party on the 20th or 21st or see the parade and fireworks on the 22 or 23. We are passholders though so I’m just not sure it’s worth a couple hundred extra since it’s just two days apart. I’m wondering if the party will be super crowded also.
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    No availability at Harmony Barbershop?!

    We did a first haircut package for my son in October without a reservation. It did take two days to get in but if you go right at opening you should be ok to come back in a couple hours. It was an amazing experience.
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    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    Thank you so much!! You are great. I was wondering what the food was like. The picture helps out so much.
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    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    What were the menu options?? Only turkey or could you choose anything else? Also what was the desert?
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    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    Amyg1975 what was the menu options?? Did you have to eat turkey? Or was there any other option like the fried chicken or anything else??
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    Weather today

    Thank you so much!
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    Weather today

    Hi all, We are leaving in the morning. Weather looks amazing but I guess I’m trying to gauge just how cold it is. Will I need my North Face fleece in the evening or just a little zip up jacket??? I just don’t want to be too chilly at night! Thanks all!
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    Grand Californian slide

    i can’t tell from the there a littler slide for younger children to go on or only the big slide? I have a toddler that loves slides but of course would need to wear a life jacket so needs a smaller slide. I think the slides at the other two resorts would be fine but wasn’t sure...
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    250 BCV, 200 SSR, 530 AKV points for transfer $16 - $17 per point

    I’m sure there isn’t but thought I could check.... any openings at Grand California for Nov 10, 11, or 12th for studio or 1 bedroom any of the nights would be great!
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    ART Reviews

    I would be fine with Uber but we have a toddler. In Orlando they have a Uber with a car seat option but it doesn’t seem like they have that in Anaheim right?
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    ART Reviews

    Wondering what to expect on using the ART shuttle? We have only stayed walking distance before but have lots of Hilton points so looking at staying at one of their properties, probably in garden grove since they have more availability. Is it really bad at the end of the night waiting? Or long...
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    Staying on site ~vs~ off site...

    I’ve stayed both onsite and offsite but it has been about 3 years since we have went. How is the ART service? Is it similar to the Disney bus service in Florida? Long lines at night, buses full, etc. We have plenty of Hilton points so thinking of staying at the Embassay or Hilton Garden inn but...
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    2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival: August 30 to November 12, 2018

    Does anyone know if they have the new or even the older AP glasses in stock? I know the new ones were released last week but wondered if they lasted more than 1 day. We are coming down in another week so hoping they will be.


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